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Give Life a Shot. Don't Throw It Away.

The results of the ICSE and ISC have been declared and other Board results are on their way. 12 suicides have already been recorded as yet, dissatisfied students giving up on life for a mere mark sheet. Marks are important but it is not the end, it is a major intermediary step in achieving dreams but not the final path.
This is where the approach matters, how one deals with failure is crucial.  The correct way is to analyze that where one went wrong and take corrective measures in all future activities. It does not require one to ponder on it daily and blame self every moment. The simple fact here is ignored that this has been done and not at any cost can be reversed, time has been spent and now useless thought over the issue wastes more time. Energy should be utilized for finding the solution and search the way forward.
Taunts and comments of the world need to put into a jet and be sent off the space of your mind. Needless to say that belief and trust in self is pertinent here. Reco…


Buffets have been the latest favourites of the foodies. There have been numerous restaurants offering buffet presently in Kolkata. Some of the best buffets of Kolkata are as follows :
JW KITCHEN, JW MARRIOTT :  Lunch from Monday to Friday is offered at 1250 inclusive taxes without alcohol from 12.30 pm to 3 pm. Dinner buffet is offered at a price of 1625 from Monday to Sunday from 7 to 11 pm.Whereas, Saturday brunch price is 1500 with unlimited beer. Sunday brunch is at 1850 with unlimited beer is available. Barbeque Nations :  Lunch from Monday to Sunday is available at 790 plus taxes from 12 noon to 2.45 pm for non veg. For vegetarians its available at 686 plus taxes.
HAKA :  Lunch from Monday to Friday is available at a price of 540 from 1pm to 3.30 pm. Whereas for Saturday and Sunday it is available at 604 from 12.30 to 3.30 pm.
SIGREE GLOBAL GRILL :  Sigree offers one of the best buffets in town at a very affordable rate of 721 and 821 plus taxes for lunch and dinner respecti…

Empowering Youth Voices against Human Trafficking

On the 26th of April a seminar for empowering youth voices to combat human trafficking was held in the American Center. I was privileged enough to attend it and it was really an eye opener. Human Trafficking is the action or practice of illegally transporting people from one country or area to another, typically for the purposes of forced labor or commercial sexual exploitation.
It is a major issue in our country but is often ignored as non-existent. We feel that human trafficking is a problem which only affects the illiterate or the poor. This is a myth which was busted in this seminar. Several facts were highlighted like trafficking happens every day, and in nearly every community. It might be occurring in the neighborhood without your attention and functioning a full scale racket.
The seminar also emphasized that Human trafficking is one of the most tragic human rights issues of our time. It splinters families, distorts global markets, undermines the rule of law, and spurs other t…

Oras Scrapers

Blood flowing down my scalp,  heat that has released after a long sabbatical, sabbatical
Hear the wringing sound of the rags you drop in town, Soaked in all the rain, sweeped down the city drains (Ooooh) Merlot is the famed bringer of  Sanguine Shame, returning the gaze of forlorn trains of thought of a once inhabited fortresses of a robust mind (Oh Oh) Robust minds lingering  like the graves lining the scrap sold for the gain of a spade toiling in vain Gouge those sockets out that let me witness this drought I have seen enough Unflinchingly still at the marauder's bust in pain
By: Prajesh Konchady


Summer is around the corner and as we know, India being a tropical country with dry summers, skin care and healthy lifestyle is quiet important. Today, when most of the females are working, they need to go out in the hot weather and hence exposing their skin to the direct rays of the sun. Coupled with dust, pollution, and sweat, summer becomes a trying time for the skin. The oily skin suffers the most in this season while the dry skin gets patchy. So, it is necessary to take a good care of both the skin and as well as of the health in the prickly summer days which lasts for several months. HYDRATION: 
Keeping in mind, the severe heat and the loss of water from the body due to sweat, one need to keep oneself hydrated time to time. Not only drinking of lots of water will help, but it will be more benefitted if one can add some salt, sugar and may be a bit of lemon with the water. Carry a bottle of water whenever you move out of the house. INCLUDE GREEN VEGETABLES AND FRUITS IN YOUR DIET:


As countries ride, their markets take on a course and collide. These market collisions whisper tales of hefty financial discourse as we journey through the age of Donald Trump. During the age of millennials, the new tax laws have made various changes to the standing point we had built over 30 years. While posing various unanswered questions, the new tax bill stands a threat for the cryptocurrency regime. The bill has affected these newer age markets like bitcoin tremendously forcing them downhill. In the new, digital and reformed age that we live in, more and more millennials have found themselves taking a swim into the vast ocean of the stock market so as to earn money. Moreover as we all know that as the generations go by, things move much faster. Unlike the yester year’s civilians, the 19-20 year olds of today delve into the world of stock market for as small as extra lunch money. The effect on bitcoin among others has therefore taken a massive toll on people such as us. Why exactl…

"With the death innocent children, died humanity" It's time we rise

Asifa, an eight year old was abducted, gang-raped and brutally murdered in Kathua. Along with her, died humanity which we are devoid of, if nowadays societies consist of those who prey so heinously on little children. The Unnao rape case which refers to the rape of a 17 year old girl, and very recently a two day old baby girl was flushed down the toilet. Two men dug up the dead body of a lady who was buried there two days back, they did so to rape her. In Assam, a rape victim was found with 86 wounds on her body.
As you must have seen, that as of now I have just been mentioning facts. Because as soon as the perpetrators are named religion and politics gets involved and the real issue of rape, of injustice, gets sidelined.
Let me make a pertinent point at this juncture, rape is rape, injustice with an innocent life is unfairness with that life even when politics or religion is dragged into it, its severity is not lost. When a rape occurs not only is the victim raped but the entire hum…

Another Blockbuster From The Streets of South Kolkata: “ Kaffiesta Steaks”

We often say "good things come in small packages " - this place is a perfect example of just that! Located near Triangular Park, a bit far off from the main road, this new, little eatery is on it's way to becoming the best steak hub very soon. The impressive zomato reviews had intrigued me a lot and very recently I paid a visit there with my friends and had a gala time enjoying some quality American and Italian cuisine.  So if you're looking for an authentic grill house in Kolkata with rich cuisine, then your search ends here at Kaffiesta.

The ambience is amazingly beautiful. It has a sitting capacity of 16 people and with the brightly lit up walls, enchanting music playing in the background and different quotes framed on the wall, this place will give you the much needed dose of extra happiness and warmth that you'd been missing during the long & tiring week.

In case of food, it stands out as equally good compared to the other nearby food joints. We ordered a …

Walk in the glory of your own sparkle

The society dictates our lifestyle. We are chained with fetters of societal norms regarding our existence. Standards are set of how strong one should be or for that matter even levels of how weak one can be is maintained. The simple truth gets deviated in such thought process and standards. All humans are different and unique; they cannot be measured on the same gauge.  So break free from these shackles and carve your own identity. Make yourself proud, even if it means getting up from the bed and making  yourself coffee, or reading a novel or speaking with a friend. You do not have to rush by the timeline of others, rise according to your time. It is absolutely okay to give in to circumstances at times, it does not define us, we all have weak moments, we need to grow from it, the change and progress might be slow but it is certain. We have to keep trying, it will be heart wrenching, nerve racking and crest falling at moments, and here is where hope and belie…


Romance have been the childhood fantasies for most of the readers while others binge read on the thrillers. Perhaps the first storybooks we all read dealt with some fairy tales where the hero in the shining armor rescued the damsel in distress. Over the years the perfect fairy tale love stories give way to some unrequited love and deals with some heart wrenching climaxes. The entire teenage period, readers mostly thrive on the romances and while some romances are just common but there are some which last their impression till the adulthood. So, here we are listing some of the most popular and everlasting impressed romances which we are sure that you would not like to miss if you are a loyal reader of the genre.
The Notebook by American novelist Nicholas Sparks is one of the most famous romantic novels of all the time which was later adapted to a film in 2004. The book which portrays the love story between Noah and Allie who have been separated years back in their early …

Teacher, often described as our friend, philosopher and guide, plays a vital role in everyone’s life. A teacher has the capability to guide his or her students and give them immense courage and inspiration. We all remember at least one teacher from our school throughout our lives, isn’t it? It is because he or she has been able to put an impact in your life. Teaching is an art and an educator needs to find several methods to teach the students and these ways may differ every time with each new batch of students. An educator needs to perform every day in class as per the needs and demands of the batch and we always remember the best performance althroughout. Hichki, a recent film by Siddharth Malhotra is about a brilliant teacher, Naina Mathur (Rani Mukerji) who has Tourette’s syndrome, lands a job in an elite school after several failures and rejections. She puts aside her problem and overcomes all challenges to…

Viatorem Elme

Wind of Change
Bursting sensation of Synesthesia
I don't know
Where this road goes
But the path does seem half decent

Change that blingyness you bring with you
Let the atmospheric thirst of your soul quench up
Let yourself out of your own prison
Tell me now
This wasn't
The reason

I plucked my heart a hundred times
Strings out of tune for eternal time

Why does this go this go
Why does this this go...
Let the token and charms
Slip out their designated pockets

Embrace the vow that you made to yourself
On that Cliffhanging bench

See yourself out of the prison of your mind

Hear yourself out
This may be the last time
Maybe the.....
Last time

Centipedes of regeress
Hailing down my breath
Seamlessly painting
The hollow in my bone

Skinned too soon.....

By: Prajesh Konchady


Higher education for everyone is mandatory and a requirement for proper growth and development of the individual and the country at large. India has many top institutes where best education is given by some of the renowned educators, but still students prefer to leave India and go to some foreign countries to pursue their studies as well as career. We get to hear that, in those countries the job prospects are better, and things are more systematic, hence the work done, and the facilities provided are much better. India, for all these years, has failed to attract foreign students to their colleges and universities however, situations will change very soon since the government has launched ‘study in India’ programme to attract foreign students.
The Ministry of Human Resources Development (HRD) has approved ‘Study in India’ programme to attract international students to pursue higher education in India. This has been done to encourage more students from other countries to choose India a…


” The Indian Diaspora is a wonderful place to write from and I am lucky to be a part of it.” ---this is a famous quote by Kiran Desai and it reveals her idea about the Indian Diaspora which is of major concern in the modern times. “A journey once begun, has no end.”, can be appropriately used to describe the blooming Indian English writings. Indian English Literature refers to the different works written in English by the Indian writers since the British period. English is a foreign language but since the British came to India, this language has played a vital role in many aspects and its impact is wide. Diaspora refers to the communities of people who live far away from their homeland and this state of living away has a negative impact on them both mentally and socially. A sense of nostalgia emerges within the diasporic community and there is a strong desire to return, which is often called ‘home consciousness’. Diasporic literature deals with these issues which has laid an impact o…

Mú ānāh Cliff

I'm bursting at the seams,
Implode this mournful skeleton of action

Scaling to a place I'm remiss about
Forsaking the crevice that I had long forgone

This toxic upheaval is raging through my bones,
Hellfire's not enough
Peel my nails off
Sanguine Solicitor

Hold the doors in,
Towards the brim of my skin
I am tirelessly aching
Spritzing through the ocean of your body
Is not enough...(oh oh oh)
Is not enough(...)

Machiavellian Illusionist
The stores of sin have opened

Shook Trees are in business
Amir the boy next door has an epiphany

His heart is bleeding like
The closet of pain in my chest
Hidden and lamented
As much as a flooding stream's distress

O' Teddy Picker
What plans do you have for that knitter
Standing in the hall stiff as a baseball hitter
Marooning down the shifty capers

Please let the laden lard
Descend down your face
Leaving your cheeks
In a warm embrace

Give up the Ghost of your past
Camping through an impasse

By: Prajesh Konchady


India, a land of rich cultural heritage, traditions, customs and languages. Each state in India has its own uniqueness in terms of traditions as well as history. One such state is Telangana with its capital, Hyderabad, the royal city! Hyderabad has been successful in developing itself with all the modern amenities, yet it has maintained its rich heritage. The city will welcome you with its technology industry, sky scrapers, exclusive hotels and restaurants along with several historic sites. Hyderabad is also known as the City of Pearls so don’t forget to buy some authentic pearl sets before leaving the city! The journey from the airport to the main city is indeed a soothing and relaxing experience for all the weary travellers. So, if the commencement is so beautiful, how would the entire experience of your tour be? Your expectations will reach its zenith for sure and Hyderabad won’t disappoint you! Hussain Sagar lake has a mesmerising beauty and the you can spend some time near this…