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5 Cool Apps That You Should Get This Monsoon!

A smartphone without applications is similar to a bike without petrol. The applications or "apps" drives the smartphone. These days, smartphones come with various preloaded apps. Some of them are pretty useful while some aren't. It is very important to keep a handful of apps that you need in your day-to-day life. Piling up unnecessary apps will reduce the efficiency of your smartphone. Keeping all that in mind, we have compiled a list of some cool and useful applications which will definitely add a spark to your smartphone. Have a look. Xender - Xender is an application that can be used to connect two or more smartphones to share digital content. It can be photo, music, application, video and other media. Xender uses the technique of WiFi direct to connect two devices. What makes Xender so awesome is, it's rate of transfer. The average speed is over 5 MB per second. This is almost 50 times faster than Bluetooth. You can do the calculation now. The best part is you


Has it ever happened to you,  That you couldn't fall asleep,  When voices were ringing inside your head ,   And making you really weep?   "You're a loser, you're unfit, I can give up on you soon,"  Kind of made me wonder whether,  My presence was a boon? Maybe it's just paranoia,  About the noises in my head, How long will they stay,  Hanging to me by a thread?  Let me build up my inner self,   And shoo the voices away!!!  Probably I could sleep then,  After they've gone away?

Where The Hearts Meet The Heaven : Part 1

Shades Of The Summer Ahh!! The sparkling ray, Brightened up the shiny shimmery hay, As I put on my loosened gown in grey, Walking amidst the jungle that paved my way To the glitters of the only star That made my heart stay. Lost in the greens and pinks From the cities far away, Pressing my soft toes Against the dry melted soil, i watched the horizon at the bay. While my lashes sparkled with dreams, I stood there as a condensed cream, As my perspiration shone in the light I tranquilized to pray, Redeeming the warm loo All across and over my skin and hair, It was indeed the approaching May!!!

13 TV shows of Doordarshan that every 90's kid grew up watching

With too many TV shows conquering audience attention, few still have some sweet memories of those old Doordarshan days. While cable network was yet to cement their foothold across the Indian TV industry, viewers were in full joy watching classics on DD.And as we did not have the luxury of switching to multiple channels, we could watch only what DD had in store for us; shows that might have been low on budget but high on content.One just can't sit and recall these show without a soothing smile running down their faces.  The 90s was an era when television shows catered to the whole family – instead of segregating the saas-bahus and the bachchas from the mard log. And those lucky enough to grow up during that era would fondly remember these 13 TV shows.Take a look : 1. Alif Laila Alif Laila with it’s new story for each day, made it impossible for us to not get lost in the story completely. Remember the green genie? 2. Byomkesh Bakshi Our very own version of Sherloc