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Education, if looked at beyond the
conventional boundaries, forms the very essence of all our actions. What we talk, what we perceive, how we behave, is all through what we have learned or observed. Education forms the basis of one’s personality. Human is a social and emotional animal. He needs to communicate with others, understand others perception and express himself for living an appropriate and meaningful life. This all could be achieved by education. Education provides him knowledge, technique, skills and information. It enables him to know his rights and duties towards his family, society and towards their motherland at large. Education provokes the desire to advance to achieve.

India is a socially and economically developing country. On the path of development, the country is facing many problems. One of the basic problems is that of education. India is a country with more than one billion people, and just one-third of them can read. The rapidly gro…

Plexus 2017

"PLEXUS"-an intricate network or web of connecting and re-connecting nerves, nerves that carry a swift pulse of electricity across the body, the existence of which impulse is proof of life itself; a plexus is a meeting point, a playing field and conglomeration of everything that keeps us alive. PLEXUS- The name that is a beacon call to all Kapsonians, or students of KPC Medical College and Hospital, Jadavpur. And this time it's back, bigger and better than ever before. 

As a student of the outgoing final year batch of 2017, it is my pleasure and pride to present to you PLEXUS 2017, our annual college fest and extravaganza extraordinaire, from the 17-23rd of March. The wait is almost over! For the first time we present to you a blockbuster guest performance by acclaimed Bollywood star music director Anupam Roy on the22nd March to a sold-out Ahindra Mancha with over 800 people estimated to be coming. Also performing will be the band Delete. 
Other on-stage attract…

Techkriti '17, IIT Kanpur

“The celebration of innovation” Ever expressed , ever explored , ever realised your passion for technicality….

If not then be there to experience it as…

IIT Kanpur brings its technical and entrepreneurial annual festival to inculcate

hierarchical idea of technical thinking and innovative skills. Comprising of a lot

exciting events where you can think out of the box.

Techkriti kicks off two months prior to the main event, as Technocruise begins

to gather participants in zonal prelims. There are competitions catering to the

likes of all – ECDC, Techkriti Grand Prix, Software Corner to name a few. The

international events include Robogames, International Online Programming

Contest and ideas.

Rakhtarpan, Health camps and Spearing Smiles are its primary

health campaigns. Women empowerment is also a prominent issue that

Techkriti highlights.

For good ideas and true innovation you need human interaction, conflict,

argument and debate, so this prestigious fest allows you to interact with


Pavlu Banerjee Exclusively for iYouthMag

Kolkata is known to be a city where creativity is nurtured and passions flamed to keep dreaming alive. Creative voice of singers, artists and poets is one which flows through the veins of the cultural movement of Kolkata to voice out tolerance and peace message to sustain humanity and equality in all. One such creative voice is Musician Pavlu Banerjee who through his songs in his First English Solo Album “Long Way To Go” is voicing against the social ills like female foeticide, rape, child prostitution and basic rights of women. As women day is approaching where throughout the world creative people will be getting together to bring positive change ,we interview Pavlu to know more about the passion of music and his creative voice. We hope you will get inspired to do the same and work towards your passion.

1.Tell us something about Pavlu, the Musician.

Ans: What music is to me is like comparing what water is to fish. Music is my first love and is my soul mate that’s why any single day s…


It has been an exhilarating ride on board with Bits2Bytes, that had begun almost a decade ago. It is the culmination of the labour and determination of the students and the staff who worked like never before to produce the finest technical fest of Bengal Institute of Technology- Bits2Bytes.

The most rewarding aspect of being closely associated with this fest last year, was the we got to interact with all the budding technocrats from various colleges all over Kolkata who come up with ideas which nobody has ever thought of. Bits2Bytes isn’t just about Robotics, it is a great platform for interested actors and directors to portray their ideas through one act plays and short films; it is a great platform for the intellectuals to battle out their brains via debates and extempore; it is a great platform to unleash the artist in you and me. And just when one was content with all that much, we presented the most awaited Aerodynamics and Quadcopter events, Bits2Bytes being one of the handful f…