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One of The most Promising Music Composer of The Bengali Music Industry- Nabarun Bose

“Passion alone can’t drive you to do something, you must also be committed to it.” Nabarun Bose gets close and candid with us while delineating his work experience in the Bengali Music Industry as of now. Starting from being the Keyboardist at the “The Anupam Roy Band”, to composing his own music for the critically acclaimed film “Rainbow Jelly”, and other web series like “Kaali” , he has also been an integral part of “The Prophesor”, “Enolaton” and  has come a long way. As to whether he always thought of pursuing music as his profession, he said that he always wanted to do something performance oriented. He enrolled himself in co-curricular activities like theatre and music and also learnt playing the Sitar in the very initial stage of his life at the will of his mother to which he didn’t pay much heed as a child. ‘I grew up in a home that had an aura of music, my mother being an Indian Classical vocalist and my father savouring all kinds of music, the environment had thus been the i…