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Boom Clap II by All in one entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Boom Clap II was a very successful event. UG reincarnated graciously hosted the event on 14th of May, 2017. The crowd came thronging in the house slightly after 9 and as soon as DJ Audiovtar came into the party everyone got into the party mood. Audiovtar admitted Boom Clap II to be a more successful than its previous edition. The city danced in the tunes of some of the renowned DJs of the town. The event saw an increase in the footfall compared to Boom Clap 1 with DJ Audiovtar, DJ Khyati & DJ Manish also supported by DJ Tishya & DJ Joy in the house. In a small conversation with our correspondent Dj Manish Patwa, and others told us their stories. Manish started his musical journey around 5 years back and he loves to play "Psycho Delic Trance Music". Dj Khyati Roy & Audioavtar are his close friends and he is thankful to them for being more like a family to him. On the other hand Dj Khyati Roy started off her journey 3 years back on 24th Dec


  THE SUMMER FOR THE FOODIES                                                     The days of scorching heat, blazing sun, are back in all its form. Fortunately this does not stop the foodies from tucking  in .  But no matter how much one loves to eat food one has to be careful especially for the summer months . Not only is it necessary to keep oneself hydrated all the time but to add up to it one could also compensate for the sweat loss by having fruit salads a mixture of varieties like watermelon, oranges, cucumber, lettuce, mango not only to keep one fit but also for an equally fit immune system The beneficiary qualities of them are regardless to say. They are in short an all in all for the body from preventing the cell damage till refilling the lost potassium .  The rich content of iron and potassium helps to keep the body active and keep it going all  day long . All this is quite enough for the health conscious people but what about the foodies? Well, thankfully eno


THE BOSS BABY Director :- Tom Mc Grath. Producer :- Ramsey Ann Naito Screenplay :- Michael McCullers Based on :- The Boss Baby by Marla Frazee Starring :- 1. Alec Baldwin                 2. Steve Buscemi                 3. Alexander Miles Bakshi                 4. Jimmy Kimmel                 5. Lisa Kudrow                 6. Tobey Maguire Music by :- Hans Zimmer and Steve Mazzaro    Genre :- Comedy                                                                                            The Boss Baby is a 2017 American computer animated comedy film, loosely based on the 2010 picture book of the same name written and illustrated by Marla Frazee. The Boss is a great concept of animation. I mean the way a baby that’s dressed in a fancy suit, runs a business with multiple diaper wearing employees. The Boss Baby is presented as a centerpiece but the plot is seen from tim’s perspective. Tim a seven year old boy helps his new brother boss baby to fight the

10 Apps All Food Lovers Should Know About

10 Apps All Food Lovers Should Know About Yummly Yummly is a recipe discovery app that contains beautiful pictures with recipes from around the web. One can filter recipes by the ingredients they have in store and create different recipe boxes. They can also build their shopping lists for the week based on the recipes they choose. Matchbook This app lets you save bars and restaurants that you want to try to your phone and maps their locations. So the next time when you’re out looking for a place to eat, you can find all the places you wanted to remember in one place. Open Table This app is best in the slot as it helps you to make reservations in your most favourite restaurants. Browse restaurants in your city, select the date, time, and number in your party and your reservation will be done in no time. Taste Made Tastemade is a great app for the foodies who love to travel around the globe. Through a strong network of “Tastemakers” in 22


TOP 5 AFFORDABLE RESTAURANTS IN KOLKATA! Be it in the middle of the week or weekend, we all love to try lip-smacking delicacies at a good restaurant! However, we want delicious food at an affordable price because we don’t want to spend much every time. Food can make our mood better, food can fill our hearts with joy, food can give us loads of positive energy and for some food is life. Are you one of them? If yes, this blog will help you to find an affordable restaurant in The City of Joy. Are you ready to explore with me? THE GRUB CLUB This is a pocket friendly place, apt for every foodie, especially the college-goers! The restaurant is very simple but the tastes of their dishes are amazing! They have been satisfying their customers from a long time. You can plan your visit on any day of the week from 1PM-10.30PM. Address: 131/2, Southern Avenue, Golpark, Kolkata – 700029. Specialty: Chinese, Italian, Mexican. KASTURI If you love Bengali cuisine, you shoul

The Evangeline Traveller

The Evangeline Traveller There she was in all her fury Remarkable zest, eyes of obscurity As they did the occasional down and up All was noticed was a slender soul But to me was someone who made me whole Her curly hair lined its way into my heart She had clowned them all from the start As I touched the curly soul there writhed agony As she menaced to sensation there stood testimony The aphrodising hand that cried the river The pheromonic angst that lit through the doorway The rainbow in her presence whispered me a tale Breaking a solemn purity, she put down the veil Little did she know that there crept a shadow There stood the demon holding the lantern The sweet giggle pierced through mahogany While the tongue in cheek softened up the story Crimson and tantalized as she lay halfway across the bed Her plain psychosis charmed a thousand loves never said As she walked by my fence, I crept steady into her secret room She wove her own Charlotte’


সড়কবাতি সড়কবাতি- Street Lights was founded on the 3rd of February 2016, and today, on the eve of Rabindra Jayanti, in the 96th day of their existence, we get to see a glimpse of what they have to offer.  The event started with paying a tribute to Kobiguru Rabindranath, and also the appreciation of the founders who were present that day. Amidst a sizeable crowd support, the event tentatively started around  3:30 pm .  As the day unfolded, we got to witness eight singers, four recitations, including a Shruti Natok directed by Mohul Bhattacharya.  The event ended around  5:30  with the President of Sarakbati, Anubhab Ghosh's speech- a tribute to Rabindranath Tagore and his recoginition of him through the eyes of Lt Rituparno Ghosh.  He then ​proceeded to thank the members and the event partners for their untiring effort. The simple yet refreshing essence of this performance was surely a tribute to Rabindra Jayanti befitting the occassion. IYouthMag was a

Boom Clap II by All in One Entertainment

All in One Entertainment Pvt Ltd is one of the leading event organizer of Kolkata every year. Since its inception in 2015 they had done numerous successful events notable amongst them are Jumpstack in Black and this year too they did a Bollywood Night with DJ Smita along with Amit Gupta and Khyati Roy in UG Reincarnated, HHI. This time they are coming back with something big,  BOOM CLAP II on 14th May, 2017, with the lights of Amit Gupta, Khyati Roy and Manish Patwa in a BDM and EDM Night. All in One Entertainment Pvt. Ltd is owned by Priyadarshani who is from Bhubaneshwar and also well renowned for producing Odiya Films. This event is widely publicized by Aalishan Events which is owned by Alisha and iYouthMag . For More Info Click Here Performers for Boom Clap II :


MUSIC AS MEDICINE! MUSIC ---what does this word remind you of? Maybe a melodious and soothing tune on your hectic days or a particular song which had turned your special events into memorable ones, isn’t it? Music also plays a very important role since it is associated with many religious rituals, ceremonies, social activities and functions! Music is a source of entertainment and it can heal many physical and emotional problems of people. When we travel alone, music becomes our only companion…music becomes our constant support to kill boredom! Now let us see how effective music is to cure certain serious problems! INFANT DEVELOPMENT : There are several evidences that music played to the womb during late pregnancy may lead to children being more responsive to music after birth. They may also have reduced heart rate and a deeper sleep after therapy. MUSIC THERAPY TO HEAL INSOMNIA : We all know that proper sleep is needed every day in order to keep ourselves health