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Big Data Workshop 2016 by Srijan, Jadavpur University

In continuance with Srijan’s tradition to enable the student community to benefit from the latest trends in the employment market,a Big Data Analytics workshop was organised in association with HT India Labs.The workshop aimed to impart a fundamental yet hands-on understanding of Big Data & the challenges associated in working with it. The hype around Big Data has been a global affliction of late. In 2013, Harvard Business Review tagged ‘Data Scientist’ to be the ‘Sexiest Job of the 21 st Century’, while in 2016, Glassdoor has nominated ‘Data Scientist’ to be the ‘#1 Job in the 21 st Century’. And so, we at Srijan, consistent with our objective to bring the best and relevant topics into the students’ foray, thought it prudent to  jump onto the Big Data train and get a glimpse into the nuances of the Big Data and why it is the current frenzy amongst employers. The workshop which was spread over two days of eight hour sessions each saw the enthusiastic partici

Zephyr 2016 Pre Story

Hello, I would like to take this opportunity to appraise you of our Pre-Christmas exhibition  "Zephyr"- an exquisite exhibition cum sale. This year, we are planning to go big and hence, as per our telephonic conversation, we would like to collaborate with you as one of the partners of this event.                           Kreativ, is basically a student start-up who are working on something known as paper clothing. Our other USP’s include upcycling and junk jewelleries. We being a paper clothing organization is first of its kind in the Eastern India and would like to bring this to your notice that, we have organised this exhibition and sale named  Zephyr  which is trying to bring up all the leading student based start ups in Kolkata giving them a better exposure and a platform to showcase the talent in the respective fields. This exhibition will be held on  22nd of December to 23rd of December 2016 .                                                    


> Tempest 2016, the annual fest of the Marine Engineering and Research > Institute, Kolkata returned with a more excited bunch of events this > year. It was held for 5 days, during the first week of November, from > 3rd to 7th.The fest was powered by MTV beats and provided a platform > for the numerous talented youths from all over the country.Tempest > being a multi event festival is considered to be the largest marine > festival in South East Asia. The fest not only includes technical > events but also a number of cultural and sports events as well. The 5 > days event witnessed a splendid performances by various bands and the > outstanding talent showcast by the youths from different fields. >         On the second day of the event sargam was the most interesting event happening. Sargam- a musical competition where students from different educational institutions had come to participate. It was a fun-filled and exciting experience for

SHAMEFUL!!! Dum Dum Park Bharat Chakra Club

Today me and my friends went to Dum Dum Park Bharat Chakra Club for pandal hopping. After visiting Tarun Dal and another Puja we went towards Bharat Chakra Club. As we had Vip Passes and also our Press Cards we went through the Vip Lane which was already filled up. The Vip Lane & the General Lane was side by side. We crossed the barricade as there was a small puddle which was created most probably by the rainfall in the morning. So we just crossed the barricade for avoiding the puddle. The General Lane was empty so we crossed and when we again crossed to the Vip Lane, a Volunteer named Joyjeet Das started to abuse us just for crossing the barricade and he started talking to my female friend with his fingers pointed towards her and in an abusive and disrespectful manner, when I told the person to put down his finger and lower down his voice he called in his other Co-Volunteers and started abusing us both. We tried to solve the problem by talking but they started to raise their voic

Bacardi NH7 Weekender Express, Kolkata Edition

As Bacardi NH7 weekender gears up for its seventh edition, it brought it's unique vibe, happiness, of course music across India in the form of BacardI NH7 weekender express. The BacardI NH7 Weekender Express Kolkata edition was a huge success. It took place at Aquatica, New Town. With four thousand odd crowd, four amazing artist, and one stage. It rocked the city of joy with its amazing music. Nothing could stop the music lovers from attending the top music acts. The crowd went literally crazy listening to the Performances of Fossils, F16, Parekh & Singh, Papon and the East Indian Company, Nucleya. Parekh & Singh was the other band which marked it name at the crazy weekender express. Around 4.30 when they came live on stage the crowd started running towards the stage. Parekh & Singh came into existence in 2015. They created unabashed pop and had loads of fun.    The F16 band also added a special spoon of e nergy in the c rowd, the F 16 is an Electr

The Soul Local : Chapter 1 by Calcutta Cacophony

Calcutta Cacophony hosted their first official event in Kolkata  namely,  The Soul Local : Chapter 1 . The rooftop of Kailash Building, in Park Street, towered over   the  city of joy, providing the perfect backdrop to the event. It was a   platform for showcasing new talent , discovering budding artists while at the same time being one of the most happening events in the  city.     DIY and Stage For Change left the crowd dazed with their remarkable dance performance followed by solo dancers; Ayush Agarwal, Abdur Raheem, Reese Dasgupta, Rahul Das,  Debangan  Mitra,  Shreyan  G hosh and  Ni shant  Kumar who were equally good. On the microphone were Debayan Mondal, MIC and Monodeep Dutta beatboxing amazingly. The musical performance was provided by The Casualties,  Ankito  and  Shoilee , Chandni and Ankita, Rajo and Steve,  ConFusion  and Verbs in Action that made everyone groove . Lastly, Kalkutta Komedians made sure they did not step off the stage without leaving

Goonj 2016 by XADAM (Xaverian Academy of Dance & Music)

XADAM (Xaverian Academy of Dance And Music) - the students’ wing of St Xavier's College Cultural Association, had geared up for an Inter College Cultural Fest this year which was held on the 25th of September and inaugurated by Reverend Fr. Dominic Savio. The highlight of this festival was the dance extravaganza "Season Of Love" to be put up by the host institute. This beautiful performance by the college students, who'd genuinely seemed to have worked hard for the past couple of weeks to put up such a spectacular show, was a resounding hit.  The dedication and hard work of each student was displayed on stage and was definitely awe-inspiring for the crowd. Several big colleges from the city took part in the event, with many innovative events being held like Tarana(Dance Competition), Nishaad(Band Competition), Dwita(Duet Dance Competition) and JAM(Just a Minute). The event was also highlighted by Panel Discussions & Celebrity Appearances.  The fest

This Time You Realize

                                                    This Time You Realize Y ou know sometimes you’re living a day of great fun, filled with food, booze and girls or boys, and it goes as fast as a roadrunner with you simultaneously wondering how it did and wishing there was more time. Other times you’re just living a life filled with despair, boredom, annoyances, basically misery and you wonder how it goes so slow as well as when will it end. You kind of wish for the weekend to come so you can cuddle with your bed instead of having to embrace the cheap tricks. Time is an entity that betrays you every time if you think about it and it’s kind of ironic when people tell you that you don’t give it too much value. If you think about it quite frankly, every decision we have made and are going to make has been the wrong one or is therefore going to be a wrong one. Time has affected it and has forever been quite harsh, we’ve just forever taken it lightly. You never get enough time to enjo

Attack on Students of Regent Education & Reserach Foundation Group of Institution

By- Somiron Banerjee It was 21 st of Sept. 2016, we had our Freshers Welcome Party on that day, as per our college regulation’s every year fresher’s party are held by the 2nd years and fest by the 3rd years, so this time the 2nd year students conducted the freshers party but during the programme the students who are locals started interrupting the programme. Though they had stopped the programme for a while but it started again. But at last around 8pm police ordered to end the programme but the scheduled time was from 5-10pm.  Our 4 th year seniors stated that its their last year and requested the Police Officials so that they permit to carry on the event ...but the police officials turned a deaf to their requests. At the end some of the local people mixed up with police officials and started beating the students with sticks and plastic pipes and everything which was available near them. When we disclosed the matter to our college authority they remained silent and

Agon 2016

By- Madhumita Ghosh, Aishwarya Roy, Sonakshi Das & Shayan Sachin Basu Calcutta National Medical College presented AGON 2016, which happened to be four days of unlimited fun and frolic. The college was hosting their annual fest where iYouthMag was the Official Digital Media Partner. It was organised in their own campus; opposite Chittaranjan Hospital in Park Circus. The campus is undergoing renovation currently, none of which came in the way of the event. The fest was inaugurated on the 7th of September by eminent personalities such as Prashun Mukherjee, Sutapa Bandhoypadhay and Chandrima Bhattacharya which kickstarted the event full fledgedly. Their presence was much appreciated and they exited the event leaving ear to ear smiles on all faces. The day followed by several inter college competitions by enthusiastic participants such as UNPLUGGED, Extempore, Medi Quiz, Treasure Hunt, etc.    JHANKAAR2K16 the choreography competition one of the major events took place w