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Depth of my feelings - IV

Depth of my feelings -IV

As I sat meddling away, I turned to see her looking beyond. I touched her hair as she replied with the smile that hadnt seen since we both said our vows. I patted her head while I tilted mine and looked at her while she eyed me all confused.  "You okay?" She said. The conscience broke for a minute and I just kept smiling. I wanted to but I could not say it. My words fell from eyes and like a reflex she wrapped herself around me. She'd always been so tender with her misgivings. The lifelong rupture in my heart had suddenly started mending itself. The vendetta within oneself turned from grief to sweet sorrow. A loving kiss was placed on my cheek. A soft hand was placed on the other. This time she tilted her head and just smiled.  That one minute that would never end As I sat meddling away, I turned to see her looking beyond. I touched her hair as she replied with the smile that hadnt seen since we both said our vows. I patted her head while I tilt…

Depth of my feelings - III

Depth of my feelings - III

The soul stayed afresh, somewhat crushed. Writhed of its penitent, patient miseries. Limping from side to side it opened its eyes and looked, just looked one last time. At the troubling features, a final glance at the love that still beckoned forth. At the cruel ages of solemn setiments thrown at him from all. He wished. For a wish. He finally accepted defeat at the hands of himself.
He surrendered to the cause.
As he lay awake, smouldering. Shouldered by indefinite discourse. Pillage by the pain. Savaged by utter melody of the one voice. The voice that should make me search for peace. Instead I wait. I wait for the never ending paradigm to shift the focus of time. 
Time, the mischievous little fairytale founder that began the end of longing. Crossed itself by as I lay to waste in her eyes. As I dwelled in silence between her words. And waited for a kiss back.

Aritro Ghosh

Depth of my feelings - II

Depth of my feelings - II

The lights were dimming fast, thoughts perishing as they went. A meticulous merry mark of mischievous matrimony
Scarred in places, reborn with paces
He touched her hands ever so slightly as she reflected on the riches of her guilty pleasures. 
Once deflected of the most unclear joys he perched his sorrows on ulterior grounds.
Searching in the brisk moonlight, putting out his hand in the scorching moonlight
Unearthly forgetfulness centered around one such dissonance
Truth be told, it never went so far but ever so further
Crossing oceans of agonizing happiness he pulled her close and dipped inside her inner sanctum
Marching past disbelief, he somehow felt at home
Upper and lower, near and far. I saw but a raging fire trapped inside a little jar.
I crept ever so gently across the promised lands
I received solace as I felt her's in my hands
She smiled ever so calmly while she cried a raging river
The sorry little poster child finally reached under my skin

Aritro Ghosh

Depth of my feelings

Depth of my feelings
Sometimes things that are so close are just so far away. It hurts so much. It burns in a bundle of cold writhing memories. Tearing inch by inch into nothingness until you're just left too beyond.
Caressing a soft black flow that scars way past just ever so subtly
Baring, in layers. Sweetened thoughts. Sorely spoken since.
I was crying, ever so gently from oblivion. The red sweet feeling of the sour sobriety hit me ever so gently as I touched her lips. She held me with the dull sensation of forever belonging. I cried. I cried. As I caressed her dry.
 I've always wondered, with my hands around her face. Ever so solemn the feelings that race.

Aritro Ghosh


#Metoo Two words that have become a growing trend all around the world on social media, is a campaign to raise a voice against sexual harassment. It is an attempt to unite victims of all forms of sexual harassment to come together and bond over such hideous acts.It also raises an awareness of the extent at which this is increasing on an everyday basis.

The harassments may range from eve-teasing on the streets to physical attacks. Originated on the MySpace social network in 2006 by socialist and activist Tarana Burke as part of a grassroots campaign to promote "empowerment through empathy" among women of color who have experienced sexual abuse, particularly within underprivileged communities. As said Burke herself, the phrase was originated when she was unable to respond to a 13 year old girl, who had confided her. She regrets not saying "me too".

After accusations of sexual harassment on Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein surfaced in 2017, actress Alyssa Mila…

The Best Sea Food Eateries In Kolkata

The Best Sea Food Eateries In Kolkata
Kolkata's main cuisine is seafood. Wherever you go, you will find some form of seafood on the menu, from succulent crabs to tasty fishes, diners are spoilt for choice. Find the best sea food eateries here with our guide.
Santa's Fantasia : Located in golpark this place will offer you such a wide range of sea food that you might just consider yourself to be in Goa for a fraction of second. For a change you can even try their tribal dishes! From green rice to bamboo stuffed chicken every dish is different in it's own way.
P.S - The crunchy spiced Octopus is a must try for everyone.
Pocket Pinch : INR 800 - 1000 for two

Coastal Macha : This food joint brings to  Kolkata the best of keralian and coastal cuisine . The decor along with the  music is so amazing it will instantly start giving you vacation vibes. Located in Sadan Avenue this eatery will suffice the sea food lover in you .

Pocket Pinch : INR 500 - 800 for two.

Ecstasea : Also locat…

Bengali Singers in Bollywood

Bengali Singers in Bollywood

Bengalis have been ruling the bollywood industry since time immemorial. Be it actors, singers or directors, the bengalis are at par with the people from the other regions. However, one can find a number of Bengali singers and music directors receiving applauses for their immense talent and contribution towards the Indian cinema. To name a few from decades back, mention should be made of several eminent singers like Hemant Mukherjee, Manna Dey, Kishore Kumar and Geeta Dutt who have made the Bengalis proud since a long time. Heading in their footsteps, the next generation singers from Bengal like Alka Yagnik, Shaan  also shone brightly. However, the present gen Y singers who are ruling bollywood with their melodious voice are mostly from Bengal. Talking about the latest Bengali singers from bollywood there are certain people who comes to our mind instantly we think about bollywood music. This include renowned singers like Shreya Ghoshal, Arijit Singh, Monali …

Life as we know it

Life as we know it

As I was thinking about coming up with an idea to write about something inspirational, I thought, why not write about us? “Us” as in, the 20 something people lost in this rat race for acquiring a spot in the world and trying hard not to get weeded out by Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest. Most of us are stuck in this eternal abyss of being successful, completing certain degrees, getting placed at a decent company. And when those things are not conquering our minds, we have the ghosts of a failed relation or a miserable incident that was enough to inflict a scar deep enough to make us stay awake till ungodly hours. We spend hours trying to figure out what went wrong among the whirlwind of heartbreak and tears and try to think about those situations in various perspectives that might have led to a different ending. But all the ranting seems useful because the time as gone by and made us stronger. We may still have forgiving and soft hearts but in the end we ha…

Pujo Parikroma - 2017

Pujo Parikroma - 2017
Over 200 Rotaracters from around the city toured the best pujos carefully chosen from around 250 nominations on Shashti ( 26th September ) in 4 chartered buses handing out prizes under different categories picked by the largest youth organization in the city. Over the last decade, Sharod Swikriti has become one of the most sought after pujo awards in the city with it's unmatched zeal and enthusiasm and this year was no different. 
The entire team of Rotaract District Organisation RID 3291 got together for the biggest PR event of the year and the result was magnanimous. 
Sharod Swikriti continues to the be trend setter year after year with the  invaluable support of all it's partners.

Death of Heroes

Heroes live among us. Some in capes and some not. Here we are talking of them who wear a crown or a cape. Recognised heroes -kings, ministers, players, idols, actors, influencers, entrepreneurs -to those people look upon as someone to change the world. People who are like Sisyphus, always rolling it to the top. People follow them as Gods, individuals as living religions.
These people, who here are termed as 'heroes', or more specifically models -they go ways for people who look up to them. People follow everything about them -their diet, their relationships, their vacations, everything comes in between common man's lips and page 3. But Abraham Lincoln once said that the true parameter of checking a man's character was giving him power. Power to do things, change things. Most of our heroes have/had money -so they are inferred to be successful. But are they really successful? Believe it or not, you look up to them because you think that they are successful, because you …


Almost every other reality show hosted on television now a day uses the big fat slogan PLAY TO SURVIVE, the current reality show attracting the attention of millions of people is Bigg Boss. Taken from the American Big Brothers first developed by Endemol teamed up with the brain of John De Mol, Bigg Boss like every other reality show does not specify its boundary only with singing and dancing.

This game is a continuous challenge to one person’s mental and physical ability, catering more emphasis on the mental ability the capacity to remain calm in spite of the havoc raging in the house. Those few of the contestants who have learned and understood the pattern of the game survived on along run but those who adopted the attitude of rude insolent behavior, rash nature couldn’t make much in this house. Perhaps it can only be said about a challenging game like Bigg Boss that it is here only that winning always doesn't  count, its more about the strategies, the way…

You're going to definitely want to try these places in Kolkata!

(Dedicated to all the foodies out there :D)

Want to experience the best food items from top restaurants in Kolkata? Let me take you all to some awesome destinations where you can satisfy your taste buds completely! Hope you like this yummylicious journey!! Are you ready?


Experience retro dining with a perfect ambience for everyone, here! Get an essence of the old Park street atmosphere as soon as you step in and look around to see the stunning decoration.
DESCRIPTION –  Dressed prawns served in a cocktail glass, infused with a yummy sauce prepared by the talented chefs. This food item is very well-presented and tasted too good! A must-try for prawn lovers.
PRICE – ₹ 285
ADDRESS - 4th Floor, Mani Square Mall, 164/1, E.M. Bypass, Kankurgachi, Kolkata, West Bengal 700054


We all love ice cream, isn’t it? A cup of our favourite ice-cream can enliven us within seconds! What if …


After the remarkable debut with Open Tee Bioscope, singer and actor Anindya Chatterjee comes with his second movie Projapoti Biskut. Presented by  the famous duo Nandita Ray and Shiboprasad Mukherjee, and produced by Windows production house, the movie deals with the theme of love after arranged marriage and the gradual development of the nexus between the couple. While the debut movie relived the memories from the school days and concentrated on the bonds of friendship, the recent one concentrates on life after arranged marriage and the gradual blooming of love. The film cast includes  Ishaa Saha, Aditya Sengupta in the lead roles and other eminent actors like Aparajita Auddy and Rajatava Dutta in the supporting roles. The movie is a simple and a sweet tale of a couple, Shaon played by Ishaa Saha and Antor played by Aditya Sengupta. However, the movie does not appeals much in the initial phase where the boring lifestyle and the suppressed emotion of the house wife is …

The Streets of Kolkata: A World Beyond Begging

The Streets of Kolkata: A World Beyond Begging

December 26, 2014 - Highlighting the plight of child beggars in the city, a PIL has sought the Delhi High Court direction to ensure their rehabilitation and eliminate child beggary. After brief arguments, a bench of Chief Justice G Rohini and Justice P S Teji posted the matter for further consideration on January 7.
“The issue of child begging has already been seized by the Supreme Court and it was already monitoring the same. We will keep the matter pending.” the bench said. The PIL, filed by Ajay Gautam, sought directions in identifying exact number of destitute children who are involved in begging and to review the steps taken to solve this problem. [Source: Indian Express]
July 23, 2008 - Pathshishu, the five-year-old agency, takes the children to the beggars in the morning and returns them to their parents in the evening - all for a fee of course. Never mind that it pushes children as young as one into the dark industry of beggin…

Durga Sohay

Durga Sohay

You have to agree with me that it requires a nerve of steel to release such a low-budget and not that hyped about film like Durga Sohay alongside the touted to be the biggest Indian film of the decade Bahubali. Actor turned director Arindam Sil deserves a big applause and a good pat on the shoulders for showing such confidence in his actors, script, direction and of course our very own Bengali audience. The film is basically set on the background of Durga Puja. From Mahalaya to Bijoya Dashami it screens through all the important aspects of the festivity, though keeping intact the story line and plot. It was a treat watching the trailer of Bengali's biggest festival during the hot summer months. Talking about a film with Durga Pujo as the background, one which never ceases to amaze us was Rituporno Ghosh's Utsab, it had dealt with complicated human emotions and thoughts but Sil keeps it quite simple. The story revolves around two women bonding in the special bond of…

The Bengali fragrance of festivities

The Bengali fragrance of festivities
India is a country of diversity, packed with a number of vibrant cultures and several ethnicities. I happen to come from one of the most colorful, cheery and intellectual ethnicities India boasts of. The Bengalis are known for their warmth and generosity. Even today, Kolkata remains the ‘City of joy’ and the ‘City with a soul’. Among the fast paced lives we all lead we manage to collect ample time to indulge in extravagant festivities. Our festive seasons come and go like the yellow ambassador cabs, capturing the hearts of everyone and leaving them wanting for more. “Baro mashe tero parbon” (13 kinds of festivals in twelve months), is the motto that drives every Bengali soul through the daily tantrums of life and works. The festivities bring out the fun loving nature of the Bengalis and among the several ornate festivals that are celebrated, Durga puja stands in its own splendor and glory. The festival commemorates the homecoming of Devi Durga and h…


The most-awaited festival of the year, especially for the Bengalis, i.e., Durga Puja is over now. With heavy hearts and a ray of hope for the next year’s puja we prayed to Goddess Durga for her blessings. However, our festive spirit is still intact, isn’t it? This is quite natural since the month is filled with festivals and the ‘the festival of lights’ is still yet to be celebrated! Most of us usually take a long break and go on a trip during this time. But some of us are still in this ‘city of joy’ to celebrate every festival and enjoy them thoroughly! Are you one of them? If yes, you can visit the following places in the city and make each day special! GANGA FERRY RIDE

Are you a lover of nature and in search of tranquillity amidst the hassles of daily life? Take a ferry or a boat ride in the mesmerising Ganges! Get a breathtaking view of the iconic Howrah Bridge, the azure sky above and the calm river water. The entire ambience is perfect to …