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Dogs to March at Rajpath after 26 Years

Indian Dogs to march at Rajpath on 26th Jan after 26 Years. The Army, which has about 1,200 Labradors and German Shepherds and has selected 36 canines to march down the Rajpath with their handlers after 26 years. Indian army dogs, who have saved the lives of numerous soldiers in counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency operations, will march down the Rajpath for Republic Day Parade on January 26. Mansi, a four-year-old Labrador, and her Kashmiri master Bashir Ahmed War from the Territorial Army (TA) had made the country proud when they made the supreme sacrifice while gallantly fighting a group of heavily-armed infiltrators in the high altitude area along the Line of Control (LoC) in Tangdhar sector in August last year. A war dog training school was raised on March 1, 1960 at Meerut. Basic and advance training to dogs and their trainers on specialised jobs like explosive detection, mine detection, tracking, guarding and assaulting is imparted at the Remou

Breaks in a Relationship

Everyone have the rights to own their freedom and space. Here are something’s that you need to understand about a Break..... But firstly lets be very frank, during a break a lot of thing crops up into your mind, like whether this is the beginning of the end or something else. So let’s clear out this doubt first.... 1) So what is the difference between a Break and Break Up? To begin with, don't equate 'break' with 'break up'. They are two completely different things. If your partner says that he/she simply needs a break, it doesn't mean that he/she wants to get rid of you for good. What he/she probably needs is some space to gather his/her thoughts and an opportunity to escape from the constant pressure of the rough patch this relationship has hit. Sometimes a person may seek time away from their partner to look within themselves and discover how much that significant other actually means to them. It is also an opportunity to flush out the negat

India's Smart City

Dholera Smart city news is making headlines As the progress towards development of the first smart city is in full strength,   Dholera smart city news  is making headlines in all media channels. As per the latest  Dholera smart city news  , the trunk infrastructure work is in full spree and is expected to be completed by 2018-19. The state government has allotted 22.5 square kilometer activation area for such infrastructure development and the central government has allotted Rs. 3,000 crore for the same. This is the biggest sum allotted by the government to any smart city as the other 100 smart cities shall be sanctioned Rs. 100 crore (Appx) each per year for five years. Dholera smart city news  is also being viewed by foreign investors who are weighing their options to invest in the city. Experts say that the city has superior potential and a promising future which shall certainly not disappoint global investors. Dholera is expected to generate 2-3 times return withi