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Thoughts of a Comic
Nowadays we have so many types of definitions to what actually is referred to as comedy. The real funny thing is how people basically think of it as telling a joke whereas we live now in times where comedy itself has a great amount of history and current affairs. Economics can also come in if you technically want to term the statistics regarding which comic is the most syllable and which type is sold the most and so on. To be honest if you think about it, comedy is used to tell people things they otherwise would not have listened to. We use it to make topics interesting and refrain people from showing us how loud they can snore.
 A comic doesn’t need to necessarily take help of a joke to make a person laugh. There’s comic acting, improvisation and narration to name types apart from jokes. There is a difference between a comedian and a comic actor. A comedian tells you jokes while a comic actor says things funny. A comedian will tell you “Let me tell you the best par…

Folk Mantra's Single Release

This Time You Realize
You know sometimes you’re living a day of great fun, filled with food, booze and girls or boys, and it goes as fast as a roadrunner with you simultaneously wondering how it did and wishing there was more time. Other times you’re just living a life filled with despair, boredom, annoyances, basically misery and you wonder how it goes so slow as well as when will it end. You kind of wish for the weekend to come so you can cuddle with your bed instead of having to embrace the cheap tricks. Time is an entity that betrays you every time if you think about it and it’s kind of ironic when people tell you that you don’t give it too much value. If you think about it quite frankly, every decision we have made and are going to make has been the wrong one or is therefore going to be a wrong one. Time has affected it and has forever been quite harsh, we’ve just forever taken it lightly. You never get enough time to enjoy and get the most amount of time to repent for not having …

Baikal Ice Marathon ..

Baikal Ice Marathon offers competitors the unique opportunity to race across the frozen waters of the largest, deepest fresh water lake in the world. Every year the beginning of spring in the Irkutsk Region is inaugurated by the BAIKAL ICE MARATHON. It is Siberia’s largest international sporting event, held 3,518 miles from Moscow. This sports competition is considered one of the most remarkable in the world. This marathon will truly be a tryst with the Nature. 
The Marathon is a part of a larger winter games festival, the “Winteriada”, which includes  also “Baikal Kamchatka” Ice Fishing and BaikalIce Golf Tournaments, Ice Skating Races and a few other outdoor adventure  events.
The surface of the frozen Lake Baikal is covered in fields of ‘hummocks’, small hills of ice rubble. Beneath the ice surface, geothermic springs and seismic activity cause localized melting that weakens the ice to form holes and cracks. Besides, every winter huge ice pressure ridges appear near the marathon cour…


"INCREDIBLE INDIA” before we shout this to the world, we should ponder over some of the below questions.
*.Are women safe in this so called incredible India? *.Are daughters safe with their fathers?*.Are working women safe at their working places? And the answer would be a big“NO”.Now why there is such a situation? Why are the evil eyes always following us? When these questions remain unanswered, only what we get to know is we are not safe in India. Rapes, acid attacks, harassment have already captured our country. Morning newspaper comes to us carrying news about such crimes where women are used as sex toys.
A terrible fact is that these crimes are not reducing rather they are increasing day by day. In a country like India 97 of every 100 rapists receive no punishment. Now the question arises-Are our laws encouraging rapists??
When a 23-year old became the victim of gang rape in Delhi on 12th December 2012,her death cried to the world ,this i…

Monsoons are Here

'Monsoons are here', Maa exclaimed.
She hated rain. She hated the wet soggy clothes and the water clogged roads, the damp walls and all the unnecessary fuss. She stood under the shed as her mother rushed to bring in the drying clothes as the sky unleashed its wrath on the land, quite heavily.
'Mini, don't just keep standing there. Come help me here', Maa chanted.
Unwillingly, she stepped into the rain to help out her mother.
The downpour somehow reminded her of a thousand memories. Memories from her grab journals. And all she could think of, was a colour and a smile. Was it brown, or, was it hazel? She remembered the undying conflict they would have and their kiddish brawl would always end up in fits of laughter.
Maa'a voice faded in the background as she further delved into the cacophony of her memories. She remembered how they would sit and sip on cups of hot tea and banter for hours. To her, he was like the fresh smell of the wet earth after the …