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  Higher education for everyone is mandatory and a requirement for proper growth and development of the individual and the country at large. India has many top institutes where best education is given by some of the renowned educators, but still students prefer to leave India and go to some foreign countries to pursue their studies as well as career. We get to hear that, in those countries the job prospects are better, and things are more systematic, hence the work done, and the facilities provided are much better. India, for all these years, has failed to attract foreign students to their colleges and universities however, situations will change very soon since the government has launched ‘study in India’ programme to attract foreign students. The Ministry of Human Resources Development (HRD) has approved ‘Study in India’ programme to attract international students to pursue higher education in India. This has been done to encourage more students from other coun


” The Indian Diaspora is a wonderful place to write from and I am lucky to be a part of it.” ---this is a famous quote by Kiran Desai and it reveals her idea about the Indian Diaspora which is of major concern in the modern times. “A journey once begun, has no end.”, can be appropriately used to describe the blooming Indian English writings. Indian English Literature refers to the different works written in English by the Indian writers since the British period. English is a foreign language but since the British came to India, this language has played a vital role in many aspects and its impact is wide. Diaspora refers to the communities of people who live far away from their homeland and this state of living away has a negative impact on them both mentally and socially. A sense of nostalgia emerges within the diasporic community and there is a strong desire to return, which is often called ‘home consciousness’. Diasporic literature deals with these issues whi

Mú ānāh Cliff

I'm bursting at the seams, Implode this mournful skeleton of action Scaling to a place I'm remiss about Forsaking the crevice that I had long forgone This toxic upheaval is raging through my bones, Hellfire's not enough Peel my nails off Sanguine Solicitor Hold the doors in, Towards the brim of my skin I am tirelessly aching Spritzing through the ocean of your body Is not enough...(oh oh oh) Is not enough(...) Machiavellian Illusionist The stores of sin have opened Shook Trees are in business Amir the boy next door has an epiphany His heart is bleeding like The closet of pain in my chest Hidden and lamented As much as a flooding stream's distress O' Teddy Picker What plans do you have for that knitter Standing in the hall stiff as a baseball hitter Marooning down the shifty capers Please let the laden lard Descend down your face Leaving your cheeks In a warm embrace Give up the Ghost of your past Camping through an


India, a land of rich cultural heritage, traditions, customs and languages. Each state in India has its own uniqueness in terms of traditions as well as history. One such state is Telangana with its capital, Hyderabad, the royal city! Hyderabad has been successful in developing itself with all the modern amenities, yet it has maintained its rich heritage. The city will welcome you with its technology industry, sky scrapers, exclusive hotels and restaurants along with several historic sites. Hyderabad is also known as the City of Pearls so don’t forget to buy some authentic pearl sets before leaving the city! The journey from the airport to the main city is indeed a soothing and relaxing experience for all the weary travellers. So, if the commencement is so beautiful, how would the entire experience of your tour be? Your expectations will reach its zenith for sure and Hyderabad won’t disappoint you! Hussain Sagar lake has a mesmerising beauty and the you can

Unabashedly work on excelling

LET US EXCEL TOWARDS THE BETTER An important issue that I feel needs to be addressed at the moment is the race to perfection. In this modern age there are varied opportunities and millions in line to grab it. Everyone wants to be the best, superior to their counterparts, the most consequential in their field. Dreaming big is completely acceptable but letting that dream consume our livelihood is not worth it. One does not have to be the best to be successful, one just has to be doing well and content with their choice of work. One has to agree that life is unfair, we do not always get our share of appreciation but that should not demoralize the one who knows the true worth of their work. The passions have become a way of defeating others and not winning for self. Failure at any stage of attaining that dream causes immense dissatisfaction. When you fall to the knees, look within at the flickering hope. Hold it near your heart and feel the purpose. That purpose, those beats of the hea

Monkey Bar : Rooftop Dining Experience Like Never Before

A steaming hello to all the foodies from the city of joy! Hope all of you are having a delicious time. Team IYouth is back with some new discoveries to make sure you don’t miss out on anything happening in town. So this time our food expedition took us to this amazing place named as the “Monkey Bar”. Located on the ninth floor of Fort Knox building in the cosy lanes of Camac Street this pub cum eatery will give you a dining experience like never before . It has both indoor & outdoor seating arrangements but we will prefer the open outdoor rooftop ambience any day. Along with giving you an amazing view of the city it will also lighten you up instantly after a tiring week of work and chaos. Enjoy their hukkas and sip into your favourite liquor with some mouth watering food over good music and gossips with your squad. Team’s Recommendation: Starters : Order for the Butterfly Chicken along with the Fiery Smoky Beef. Main Course: Don’t miss out on the specia

Path "3" The Road That Can't Be Taken

Path "3" As I lay down to sleep, I look through inner alleyways. I feel as if I am walking into two of three distant paths which all seem near. The farther I try to run, the nearer I come, back to the start from whence I came. However it doesn't look at all the same anymore. Terrifically vast. That's all it seems as bittersweet fumes engulf me. Tepid. Yes tepid! Rapid? No, it's tepid! I fall! Yes, I fall. I get up but I keep falling. Even the rise is a fall. Fall towards something I cannot explain. But everytime I see glimpses showing "Path 3". The colors beseech as the solace wants to just teach but alas all I can do is try. Try to reach. But I think of this only. I do not? No! I cannot try. I start walking, but I go astray. I feel months within these minutes among the numerous hours that are already passed within this day. I walk but inside I crawl, and something creeps as I crawl. I try to enter a brawl but my enemy is noone in an invisible

What Daniel Fernandes's Shadows Is All About

Shadows: A Revelatory Special I walked into Terna Auditorium on Sunday Night expecting a special set by a comedian I had seen perform live on a previous occasion and had seen videos of on YouTube. Daniel Fernandes went above and beyond that. At the outset he cautions the audience, that his self admittedly social commentary centred style of humour that has gained an instant association with him would not be a feature tonight. His piece is a reflective one, touching upon self-doubt, his journey of self-discovery, his moment of truth and his foray into comedy. He discusses at length the various paradigms and notions of success that pervade society without sounding preachy. And how while non-conformity can be a lonely place, it isn’t the worst. Fernandes’ takes on the mantle of a voice in our head and says everything that naturally occurs to us but social conditioning prevents us from expressing vocally.   Through an anecdotal and a canonical sense of humour,