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The Sudden Journey

As I walked through a hilly road
I met a beautiful traveler
She stood stagnant, constance in her eyes
As I passed I heard a few distant cries
Tempted was my heart when I saw her
Forced were my legs when I approached her
Red were the lips of the feline, her guard kept lowered
Crimson was the inner gem, penitent and in hibernation
Her hair curled to perfection and danced with the leaves
Her eyes claimed solitary, her slender touch calmed the breeze 
I stood petrified, confused and mesmerized
She, in meditation kept looking towards beyond
As I neared, my approach recoiled back
My fingers yearned to embrace, her skin did attract
As the wind lowered, the cries came back
Her expression showed despair, highlights of a test
The girly lips spoke silently, searched for a new quest
Watching her slowly, my eyes did creep
Reading her closely, the beats did skip

My mind joined her journey
She didn’t slow down
My heart raced on
I daydreamed to another town
As I searched her em…

From Ashutosh Ganguly to Ash King

Ash King is a Singer of Bengali Gujarati Origin based in London. He made his first bollywood debut recording for Delhi-6 with A.R. Rahman at Rahman's personal studio. Till now he is the one of the Most Successful and Talented  Singer reigning the 21st Century. So if you think you know all about him, you may be wrong. Time to know him perfectly.

Interviewed By- Anuvab Kayaal & Shayan Sachin Basu

Q: Tell us something about your childhood.

A: Growing up in England, I was exposed to a mixture of cultures. I grew up listening to different types and genres of music because my dad used to sing and compose in different languages.

Q: Your father was also a singer…

A: My father, Shankar Ganguly, was one of the few true artists that I have come across in my life. His artistry was pure artistry - not painted by any commercialism. I can’t think of many people who are like my dad. Everyone else at some point compromised for money or for fame. Though there is nothing wrong with money or …


By~ Sayantan Mondal, Aishwarya Roy & Shayan Sachin Basu

Kshitij, the annual techno-management fest of IIT Kharagpur, is also the larget techno-management fest in Asia. Started just more than a decade ago, Kshitij has reached this stature surprising all other renowned institutions in the continent receives overwhelming participation from the student community all over the world.
Kshitij organizes a wide range of events encompassing every genre of technology and management with the aim to infuse a scientific and rational temperament in the young minds.Kshitij 2017 was held from 27-29 January.Having grown exponentially since its nascent years.

The gala event started off with the inauguration and guest lecture by Dr. K. Radhakrishnan in the Kalidasa Auditorium.Among all three consecutive event packed days, Robowars, Laws of Motion, Code Rush, Sand Rover,Eureka, etc. were the centre of attraction of all the participants and viewers from all around the world.
As the technologic…


A waterfall is said to be cool and crystal clear which falls gently, cleansing the
mind and soothing the soul. The sight of a waterfall can make you feel very
nice. Waterfalls have an impressive and exclusive power and beauty of nature.
Shimmering and falling, breaking into a thousand shards of spray. Crashing
water scares and attracts soul. Now, let us look at some of the most beautiful
waterfalls in India.

This is one of the beautiful waterfalls in India. The sound this one makes it
truly astounding as tones of water come crashing down every second. Perhaps
the best thing about this water fall is the little bridge which runs over the base
of it. It is located about 53 km from the town of Nashik in Ahamednagar in
Maharashtra. The scenic beauty of this place is truly great! You will lost in the
beauty of this place.

Hogenakkal Falls is a waterfall in South India on the river Kaveri. It is a huge
complex of waterfalls in the Dharmapuri area whic…