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This Time You Realize

This Time You Realize
You know sometimes you’re living a day of great fun, filled with food, booze and girls or boys, and it goes as fast as a roadrunner with you simultaneously wondering how it did and wishing there was more time. Other times you’re just living a life filled with despair, boredom, annoyances, basically misery and you wonder how it goes so slow as well as when will it end. You kind of wish for the weekend to come so you can cuddle with your bed instead of having to embrace the cheap tricks. Time is an entity that betrays you every time if you think about it and it’s kind of ironic when people tell you that you don’t give it too much value. If you think about it quite frankly, every decision we have made and are going to make has been the wrong one or is therefore going to be a wrong one. Time has affected it and has forever been quite harsh, we’ve just forever taken it lightly. You never get enough time to enjoy and get the most amount of time to repent for not having …

Attack on Students of Regent Education & Reserach Foundation Group of Institution

Agon 2016

By- Madhumita Ghosh, Aishwarya Roy, Sonakshi Das & Shayan Sachin Basu

2nd Annual Theatre Festival Rupatsav 2016 by Rupakaar

Kolkata witnessed one of the most Exclusive Theatre Festivals of 2016, 2nd Annual Theatre Festival Rupatsav 2016 by Rupakaar. The festival was conducted between 12 th to 16 th of September 2016 in Jogesh Mime Academy and Tapan Theatre. Theatre groups like Kaktaliyo, Natya Srote, Dhulikona’s, Kolkata Romroma performed in this festival, giving the festival a whole new level altogether.
The Festival also included plays of directors like Debaditya Mukhopadhay, Swarup Chanda, Saikat Bhowmick etc and other known theatre groups like The New Sense, Dayebaddha, Dokhinner Batayon etc. The crowd response for all the 6 days were remarkably noticeable, people from different age groups made the crowd more lively. The crowd response also was no doubt better than the other Theatre Festivals of the town. The wide amount of interest among the participating groups and the crowd also made the show very interesting, Ms. Shitala Basu, an aged lady from the audience also talked to us. In her words she desc…