Breaks in a Relationship

Everyone have the rights to own their freedom and space. Here are something’s that you need to understand about a Break.....

But firstly lets be very frank, during a break a lot of thing crops up into your mind, like whether this is the beginning of the end or something else. So let’s clear out this doubt first....

1) So what is the difference between a Break and Break Up?

To begin with, don't equate 'break' with 'break up'. They are two completely different things. If your partner says that he/she simply needs a break, it doesn't mean that he/she wants to get rid of you for good. What he/she probably needs is some space to gather his/her thoughts and an opportunity to escape from the constant pressure of the rough patch this relationship has hit. Sometimes a person may seek time away from their partner to look within themselves and discover how much that significant other actually means to them. It is also an opportunity to flush out the negative thoughts about the person you are with and rediscover your affections. So, a break may not be all that bad, even if you are signing off on a bad note. With some introspection, time and space, your boy/girl friend may actually cool down and then cooperate with you to get your relationship back on track.

Saying that, you might even feel whom to share your stories with whom to tell and discuss about your problems .ahhhh sorry your partner is not the correct person to go for help at this time, So coming back  to a serious question

2)When does a Girlfriend or a Boyfriend goes for a break?

When your partner says she needs space, it is obvious that he/she is being bothered with something in the relationship and probably you have overlooked it previously. Many relationships go through a period of time where one of the partners need a break to be apart for a while. Even though inside your heart, you are very unwillingly to let her or him go, you should not let the other one see or feel your emotional reactions. The problem is if you start to cry or beg your counter-part for not leaving you, this is going to let them feel that you are being too desperate and it will help your lover to determine more on leaving you.

3)What Should a Person do in this situation?
Here is some light in your life ;)

a) Respecting the Wish
Whatever frame of mind your girl/ boy friend is likely to swing towards, you need to consider the possible repercussions of denying him/her the opportunity to take a break, by constantly insisting that he/she changes her mind. Just when your relationship is seeing bad times, the last thing your boy/girl friend wants is over-insistence. You may reasonably suggest once or twice that a break is not the right way forward, but if your boy/girl friend persists, give the space needed. The other side will respect you more for it, and the respect is just what you need at this stage.

b) Evaluate the Problems
Re-evaluate the way you treat her and also your way of dealing problems - When your girlfriend says she needs space, it is obvious that she is bothering with something in the relationship and probably you have overlooked it previously. Think back if you have been overly controlled in her life. Did you take her advice seriously and did you always help her to decide everything or maybe you have been doing something that she hates? Find out and understand the problems. It is only when you are able to identify it clearly, you can understand what she needs. 

Try to communicate to if the other side pleases and when he/she wants to talk to you, don’t make him/her feel lonely, he/she might be at break but this is not the correct pay-back time.

This is something hard to do a lot of people will fail in doing this, and end up irritating their partner (who become even more fed up with them and the relationship) and kill any chance to get them back. Physically, it's as simple as it gets: When your boy/girlfriend asks for space, you give space. Just leave it. DO NOT CONTACT IN ANY WAY. This is counter-intuitive, but the greatness in this is that, it is counter-intuitive for your counter-part too! What good is this, you ask? 

You get your lover soon J Isn’t that the best thing

Two to Three weeks or a trip is just perfect time for a break...
So Live and Let live !

A small calculator for you to measure your love....


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