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Open thy mind, walk alone       We are not afraid, walk alone this must be the anthem song for our society. now days people are so busy with their own lives that they do not have time to think for others. but in the midst of all these things there are some NGOs to help the poor people and to show them the right way way of the life. Adarsh foundation and Saujatya are the two foundation who has taken initiative to kindle the light in the lives of poor.                   ' Adarsh ' IS A non governmental organization based in Mumbai and Kolkata , India that aims to promote the overall progress and development of the people belonging to weaker sections of society, through it services, conduct and initiatives, so as to further encourage a sustained growth of the society. like ' Adarsh ' a group of benevolent of Asutosh colony and Sahidnagar coloni are established 'SAUJATYA' for the people of the locality on the 1st day of April 1972. the managing

Adarsh Foundation

 Once on their way home from college, Swagatam and Vishwas  saw a little boy at a traffic signal reading a book. The little boy stood near the signal while reading alphabets, and after a while started walking into a lane. Intrigued, Swagatam and Vishwas decided to follow him. To their utter dismay, they saw this boy selling garlands. There they were travelling in the luxury of their air-conditioned car, and there, there was this little boy, who would sell garlands, support his family, as well as go to school and study. It was that very moment that these two friends studying in T.Y.B.M.S. from Wilson College decided to do something. Swagatam unwaveringly decided that he wanted to work towards serving society. Afterwhich he discussed his ambitions with his father who supported him wholeheartedly. Swagatam then invited Vishwas to join hands to create a positive change. Vishwas was very keen on giving back to society and working with Swagatam on this. They have mas