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Are u telepathic? Have you ever received a message or a phone call from the person you were thinking about at that moment? It is no accident when you were thinking about them and they called you. It is TELEPATHY. Telepathy is one of the most powerful psychic abilities. It is known as mind to mind communication , which are feelings exchanged between a sender and a receiver. 'Telepathy' is taken from the Ancient Greek "tele" meaning "distant" and "pathos or patheia" meaning "feeling,perception,passion,affliction,experience". The term was coined in 1882 by the classical scholar Frederic W.H.Myers, a founder of the Society for Psychical Research and has remained more popular than the earlier expression 'thought-transference'. MOTHER-CHILD TELEPATHY :- There seems to be a deep,unexplainable connection between parents and children; perhaps it is the by-product of physical and spiritual bonding. When we share stories of th

LOG KYA KAHENGE ? (What will people say)

The feeling of “log kya kahenge” is the biggest barrier that a common man in India has to face before doing anything. Great ideas to start a good enterprise or to do something better for the society is always stopped by this feeling.Many talents in India die only because of these three words. To break this barrier is the toughest task. Even if the person sets out without bothering about this, then his parents and relatives will come along telling the same sutra. When a middle class guy decides to take up dancing or photography as a profession then the parents come in the picture saying “ log kya bolenge, dekho Sharmaji ka beta science lekar abroad mein padh raha hai.”  There dies a talent… His parents do not let him explore the world and find what he really is or what he could be.“ Agar padhoge nahi tho engineer kaise banoge, TCS ya Infosys mein job kaise milega…” This is a common Indian middle class parent’s dialect.If your parents let you do what you really want t


All the toil and hard-work finally paid off as Gargi Memorial Institute of Technology celebrated its annual fest Gemitz 2k16.It was an event of two days where various emotions met and a uproar of feelings took place. The event was kicked start by lighting of the holy lamp which was followed by a song sung by all the participants of Melodious which was a solo singing competition. After that various events started taking place both on stage and off stage.  There were events like Box Cricket, Selfie competition, Face painting competition, then there was Minute to win it which was a compilation of various games. After that there were events like Quiz, Treasure Hunt,JAM,Antakshari,Band Competition, Kaleidoscope which was a photography competition and in between these Melodious and Canary took place which were the solo singing and dancing competition. Even the evening was enlightened by respected Barun Chanda’s motivational speech. For the first day the eveni


A strong friendship doesn't need daily conversation,don't always need togetherness. As long as the relationship lives in the heart,true friends will never part. Anais Nin has rightly pointed out that, "Each friend represents a world in us,a world possibly not born until they arrive ,and it is only by this meaning that a new world is born". Though some people are happy without them,most of us depend greatly on the company of true friends. Friendship is a stronger form of interpersonal bond than an association. A World Database study found that people with close friendships are happier. Euripedes said, "Friends show their love in times of trouble,not in happiness." True friends can understand our feelings and emotions,even if we do not share anything with them. When people are in a dilemma,true friends help them to come out of the dilemma with some useful suggestions. In the typical sequence of an individual's emotional development,friendships


A three-year-old girl was allegedly raped by a juvenile  who slit her throat after committing the crime in Ludhiana. The girl's father, a vegetable vendor, in a police complaint alleged that a 13 year old youth from his neighbourhood yesterday raped his daughter when she was alone in his house in Manjit Nagar area.The accused, a labourer, then tried to kill her by slitting her throat. The girl was found in a semi-naked state. She was bleeding profusely and rushed to a hospital, where doctors said her condition is stable. The accused has been arrested on charges of rape.  It's a case of rape and attempted murder. So why are we so scared of talking about sex? What kind of twisted logic drives  our parents, teachers, and education ministers to protect children from sex education, and perpetuate the vicious cycle of cultural taboo and dangerous misinformation? Parents be like "Sex education is not for my child…it is obscene; teaches our children to have sex

India v/s New Zealand ICC World Twenty20, India 2016

                                                                Lot of SPIN Kane Williamson's gamble to compromise on speed paid off. Before the match today he picked three specialist spinners which resulted in New Zealand’s victory by 47 runs in a spin-dominated Super 10 contest of the World Twenty20 on Tuesday.   Opting to bat first, New Zealand posted 126-7 in the Group Two contest on a prodigiously turning track at Nagpur's VCA Stadium, seemingly a below-par total against the host nation who are famed for their proficiency against spin bowling. India were obviously the favorites till the end of their Innings. New Zealand's three-pronged spin attack, however, ensured it was more than enough as Mitchell Satner (4-11), Nathan McCullum (2-15) and the Indian-born Ish Sodhi (3-18) wrecked the hosts who folded for 79 in 18.1 overs. The first three balls of the match contained the kind of drama and excitement that fans would be expecting from the sixth ed


A re You Sure You Know What Feminism Really Is? While teens, adults and even celebrities alike dare to mistakenly claim that feminism means  loathing men and believing that women are worth more than men, I believe that feminism is simply about equality, rather  it’s about the power to be strong, confident and aspire to be anything and do anything independently. Even though feminist activists have fought for equality for years, it’s clear equality has yet to be achieved. One of the most obvious and pervasive examples is the portrayal of women in the media: advertisements overwhelmingly undermine women and the media generally insists on portraying women as sex objects. How many ads have you seen where a woman is half naked without any contextual relation to the product being sold? Another example is the classic double standard about women and sex. The popular football player who sleeps with the entire cheer-leading team gets a reputation as a “stud”, but a girl can be ca


W hat’s a Bucket List? If you haven’t heard about the term “bucket list”, it is a list of all the goals you want to achieve, dreams you want to fulfil and life experiences you desire to experience before you die  (1)Travel all around the world :- Travelling — it’s the single best activity that exposes you to new cultures, broaden your mind, move out of your comfort zone, allow you to meet new people, and experience the wonders of the world.  (2)Learn a new language :- Learning a new language is never easy but it’s so satisfying when you are able to converse with someone in a foreign language! (3)Try a profession in a different field :- What profession are you in now and how long have you been doing this? Is it time for a change in profession? It’s nice to do something different from what you have been doing, and it doesn't have to involve quitting your current job — you can always experiment with volunteer work in a field you enjoy or start u

Flamz 2016- Future Institute of Engineering and Management (FIEM)

                                           FLAMZ’16   Recently Future Institute of Engineering and Management had a gala celebration of three days which was their sports and cultural fest named Flamz’16.They have been organizing this fest since four years but this is the first time that they have organized the sports fest.They had three guest performances which had Ashes in flames performing on 28 th February and very next day Anupam Roy along with his band and Underground Authority rocked the stage and got everyone on their feet. The sports side had events like Table Tennis,Smash-Up which was badminton,Top-Spin which was volley ball,Women’s Kabaddi,Gully Cricket and Football which took place in the college premises,Ramkrishna ground and Simultala ground respectively.In football the wining team was the home team FIEM with UKFC being the runners up.To present the award they had Mr.Compton Dutta as their guest who is the ex-captain of the Mohanbagan team and Indi

The Great Indian Needless Drama

S elfish politicians, ruthless bureaucrats, spineless businessmen, brainless spiritual leaders and powerless women along with the recent antiquated bedraggled “intolerance” added to the thesaurus of a nation’s development is an absolute passive anarchy and India is jinxed with all of the above mentioned. “A sovereign state that has a highly developed economy and advanced technological infrastructure relative to other less industrialised nations is stated as a developed country” is the definition you would get if you go ransacking the search engines to portray you what exactly a developed nation means. What I want to bug out from the whole stuff is do we people with a typical tapering thoughts from bottlenecked ideologies deserve this “developed” tag for our country? Do we the most confused and dumbly brainwashed majority deserve a smart country? We presently are surviving a nation which has a mass that easily gets offended by a mere Facebook post, silly Whatsapp statuse

Street food in Kolkata

S treet foods,ready-to-eat food or drink sold in a street or other public place,such as a market or fair,by a hawker or vendor,often from a portable stall,have variations within both regions and cultures. Kolkata or former Calcutta is the heaven for foodies and especially for people with a sweet tooth. Serenaded by the constant stream of honking,food traffic and hawkers,there is nothing better than biting into a tasty snack followed by a clay cup of chai. HISTORY OF STREET FOOD :-  Small fried fish were a street food in ancient Greece,however Theophrastus,a Greek native of Eresos,held the custom of street food in low regard. Evidence of a large number of street food vendors were discovered during the excavation of Pompeii. Street food was widely consumed by poor urban residents of ancient Rome whose tenement homes did not have ovens or hearths. Here chickpea soup with bread and grain paste were common meals. SOME FAMOUS STREET FOOD IN KOLKATA :- JHAL MURI : I