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The Pujo Pujo Feeling

The Pujo Pujo Feeling It is never clear when exactly it strikes us that Pujo is coming. Is it the maddening crowd at the shopping malls weeks before the actual five days of puja starts? Is it the hammering of the workers who create the pandals? Is it the sound of the first strike on the dhaak? Is it the guys turning up at your doorstep asking for chanda? Is it the legendary Birendrakrishna's voice on the radio on the day of Mahalaya? Whatever it might be, once the fever sets in there are no bounds to the enthusiasm welling inside the heart of every Bengali. The artists in Kumartuli have poured their heart and soul into their creations and now it is time to see and appreciate them. The preparation for the biggest occasion for the Bengalis starts much before though, for it is more than just a religious festival. It is a hotchpotch of art, culture, music, merrymaking and madness. It continues up to the second before setting foot out of the house for pandal hopping: Girls str

The Miliputs

The Miliputs One of the euphoric bands existing in Kolkata, are The Miliputs who are soaring heights now with maximum likes and views on their latest release on youtube. The five member band comprising Debmalya Dey ( guitarist), Sharoni Poddar ( lead vocalist ), Akash Debnath ( guitarist), Debanjan Das ( drummer/percussionist), Arindam Roy ( bassist ) talked about their experiences all through 4 years and how they managed to surpass all, with ups and downs. Interviewer : Who founded the band and why? Debamalya Dey  : It was Sharoni and I who founded the band back in 2012 and we started off with Rock music and the like. However we formed a proper band in 2015 when we began to experiment with Folk, while it wasn't named Miliputs and collaborated with other members to concretely form the band. Interviewer: What it is about the name "Miliputs"? Sharoni : We were searching for name and it is basically named after me( my nick name is Mili) and since my


THINGS YOU NEED TO DO IN KOLKATA JUST BEFORE DURGA PUJO – FOOD, FASHION & LIFESTYLE! 1. EATING HEALTHY    By now too much of work stress and junkie eating has turned you into a potato. But now it's high time to get back into shape so that you can fit into that designer suit or the crop top you always wanted to purchase. Worry not mates ! you can choose from a range of 900 best healthy and organic food products like flavoured green teas, fat free snacks, health bars and many more by sitting at the comfort of your home from  WWW.FOODSTREE.COM .  Then why wait ? place your order and experience the change in your lifestyle. 2. EARLY MORNING VISIT TO KUMARTULI  Still not getting the puja vibes ? visiting  kumartuli  will surely turn tables exactly the other way. This place has a lot to offer and is a must visit for every bengali individual. Reach there by 6 am and watch how idols are sculpted and then enjoy the picturesque view of the Ganges. Don't

Look Trendy This Puja

Festivals have always been the time when you can be the style diva by dressing in the best of your attire. Durga puja is the main festival of west Bengal and has been associated with several rituals and tradition. Fashion in Durga Puja is all about ethnic wears and western outfits. So lets take a look- DreSSing StYle For WomEn – Western outfits with vibrant color are the best fashion for teenage girls. Including, if you want to style modern then there is low waist torned jeans, crop top, patterned jeans ,cold shoulder tops, shrugs in crochet and much more. Regarding ethnic wears the trends of designer sarees that evoke traditional look have been dominating the market. Women who want to experiment their looks in salwar can opt for designer salwar kameeze or anarkali that have been in vogue. Several variations in sarees and salwar are there which will give you a contemporary look. Dressing Style for Men - For boys, both full and half sleeve is suited for the current

Durga Puja

 Durga Puja Durga Puja is the most awaited time of the year for every Bengali (or anybody who’s from Kolkata and likes to celebrate, really). For new people in the city, here's the top to-do things during this five day long festival in Kolkata from the point of view of a Calcuttan. 1.     Pandal hopping. That's the biggest attraction of Durga Pujo in the city, exploring the insane creativity that our artisans instill in the pandals housing the idols. The themes for the pandals are diverse, and often you have to keep reminding yourself that it's just a pandal, not a real palace or ship that it has replicated. A few must visit pandals are Bagbazar Durga Puja pandal, Kumartuli Park, College Square, Sealdah Sarbojanin Durgotsav in Santosh Mitra Square, and Suruchi Sangha. 2.     Eating, duh! You can't step outside during Durga Puja and expect to dine at the Park Hotel. No, Sir. Carry a pouch full of change and stop occasionally between your pandals for c


IN VOGUE AGAIN - RADIO Only a week left for the grandest festival and the technological clock turned back. Replacing the new alluring television sets, smart phones, laptops, radios are back in vogue. The pre-Mahalaya period is perhaps the only time of the year when we see such a turn around in tech-clock. The old fashioned radios are pulled out of the attic and boxes. Though the modern versions are handy enough but even today many prefer to usher in the festive season by tuning into the celebrated Birendra Kishor Bhadra's "Mahisasur Mardini" on the early morning of Mahalaya. It's a scarce but many people still want to start their day with the conventional shlokas on the radio. This year is also not an exception to this. Several shops all over the city has brought back the radio sets. Repairing had started before two weeks of this day. Sales have been brisk. The pre-puja period sees a spurt in sales and repairs every year. This sale starts on from almost

The Must Haves For This Puja!

The Must Haves For This Puja! Finally those days have come once more when our mornings will no longer start with the humdrum thought of going to college, packing our bags and doing the thousand and one things which we don’t want to. Instead these five days will start with the chirpy cheerful thought of getting up early, dressing up and making our-self look lovely and hanging out with friends and family and most importantly spending it the way we like with ourselves or with our books and movies For those fanatics who wait for these glorious five or four days and just can’t wait to hover over the puja pandals and savor over the delicious delicacies in this scorching heat, there are definitely certain MUST HAVES for them to protect themselves and remain composed as well. The first suggestion for the early birds who just can’t wait to rush over all the puja pandals, for them its best to carry and adorn yourself wearing the light cotton kurtis and tops, not only have t


Elan-2017. Organized by IETE-TSEC and presented by MOOVIT. Elan is a technical fest that is going to take place on Sunday, September17 in Thadomal Shahani Engineering College, Bandra. It is an array of technical events that will allow students to test and hone their skills. With a plethora of knowledge to be gained from every event, here's a brief overview of each one: 1)MOOVIT MAPATHON Learn modern day route implementation, connect digitally and attend a seminar conducted by Moovit professionals. Also, get an exclusive Moovit T-shirt and an international certificate. 2) CODE WARS Are you code-blooded? Do you build programs and crack problem statements as a hobby? Well, you are in the right place. Pick a language from C, C++ or Java, and get into code-mode to compete! 3) PYTHON WORKSHOP You're an expert at the basic operating system languages. What next? The answer is Python. The Python workshop is recommended especially


LET US PAUSE AND MEDITATE Welcome yourself to the fact that life will get more complicated as time goes on, there is eventually no escape from this harsh world, which is ready to grab us. Done it? Congrats to you, for you are one step ahead than the others when it comes to accepting the reality. But wait; are you really tired from accepting the harsh truth way too often? Do you want to go away from all this at least for some time and repose and be calm and relaxed? Well if you think of going into your childhood days this is definitely not possible. But one thing which is definitely possible is to free your mind from all the worries and yes you are thinking correctly and just meditate. Wait a second, I know some of you in fact most of you might be asking where do I have the time to meditate after my tedious schedule, for obviously it is better to sleep and snore instead of sitting in a stiff position for hours. Well, for those nurturing and harboring this thought let me ju


A TRIP TO DARJEELING Durga Puja, the most famous and grand festival of the Bengali Hindus in the Indian subcontinent which is celebrated for four to five days, is the time for most of us to go out for a relaxing holiday, isn’t it? If you are planning for a short trip, Darjeeling would be the perfect place! The enthralling and the pleasant atmosphere along with the warm welcome from the natives will surely win your heart.  The name Darjeeling comes from the Tibetan word dorje, meaning the thunderbolt scepter of the Hindu deity Indra, and ling, a place or land. Darjeeling is a beautiful place in West Bengal. It can be a perfect holiday with your family because you will get all the elements of beauty over here. The toy train and the tea gardens are the main attractions. HOW TO GO: 1.        By plane The nearest airport is Bagdogra, near Siliguri , 96 km from Darjeeling.  Bagdogra Airport is 2.5 hours by road from Darjeeling and 2 hours by air from Delhi,


PIZZA WITH A TWIST IN A CONE!! Pizza is just not a food it's an emotion. Happy,sad,high,low name a feeling and you can relate the cheesy beauty with anything. It is that friend you can't afford to lose as it has been with you through all your good and bad times. You celebrated your achievements with a medium one and cried your heart out with the large one .We, iyouth-foodie-team have some good news for you in store! Guess? Foodgasmic heaven is now being served in a cone with a twist at our very own Kolkata. Enough reason to give you goosebumps? Scroll down to know more. KONETTO PIZZA  is a newly opened and well decorated food joint located in woods street which is like 5 minutes walk from St Xaviers college back gate and exactly opposite pizza hut. This place serves different types of veg and non veg pizzas in a cone!!  You can also try out their smoothies and cone based desserts as they are super cheap and absolutely lipsmacking. So surely vi

Death of a voice

Death of a voice People of India are currently standing on a watershed of political violence. Every person lives with the constant fear of getting abused or threatened at the slightest discourse of opinion or any kind of articulation of independent political views and outlooks. “Whoever has said that the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons” –This quote has proved to be painfully true with the course of time for Indian citizens. Gauri Lankesh, a senior journalist and chief editor of a tabloid was shot dead by a couple of unidentified men just in front of her house in Bangalore. She was “accused” of defaming and voicing adverse opinions about the right wing extremist groups and was said to have affinity towards left ideologies. What if she did have those opinions? Does that grant any permission to these vigilantes to go out and shoot a citizen of the country? Our constitution boasts of words like secular and democratic without giving them any

Mind Mapping of love and desire!

Mind Mapping of love and desire! The first study to look at the neural difference between love and sexual desire finds remarkable overlaps and distinct differences. Researchers from across the world brought together the results from 20 studies which measured neural activity for both love and sexual desire (Cacioppo et al. , 2012). Participants in the studies were often looking either at pictures of their partners or at erotically stimulating images. The results showed that some strikingly similar brain networks were activated by love and sexual desire. One of the study’s authors, Professor Jim Pfaus, explained: “No one has ever put these two together to see the patterns of activation. We didn’t know what to expect — the two could have ended up being completely separate. It turns out that love and desire activate specific but related areas in the brain.” The regions activated were those involved in emotion, motivation and higher level thoughts. This finding su


ART OF READING: E-BOOKS OR PRINTED BOOKS. In this era of such high technological advances and developments, there's still an unexplainable pleasure in stroking the spine of a hardbound classic novel than holding a device with some mere characters blinking. And now the question arises, are we going to pile up books in a stack for the summer or will opt for the tech read? There's no denying the fact that technology has evolved and changes are evident in major spheres of life. Life is moving at fast-pace and so is our urge to conquer the next "best thing". It's normal one will want to keep up with that pace and mostly when the new alluring things are at its best and inviting. Though, I think in the realm of literature there's still a lot can be said on how much a good solid book can pleasure us. My teenage memories are full of reading, not an avid child reader but surely one as an adult. Of the smell and feel of the characters in a real book. Holds

Dreams: Read between the lines?

Dreams: Read between the lines? Dreams and reality; Some say that these terms are poles apart while some opine that these are merely two sides of the same coin. And among all these views the question of existence pops up. We have always wondered whether we are all alone in this universe. A lot of science fiction movies have been made on this topic where aliens have invaded the earth to wipe out the human race while some extra terrestrial beings have showed human emotions and became well wishers of the planet. The human mind can go to places that no one can even think of. That’s where I came up with some possibilities which will blow your mind. Now since we are talking about dreams, one person deserves special mention: Sigmund Freud. Freud (1900, 1905) developed a topographic model of the mind, whereby he described the features of the mind’s structure and function. Freud used the analogy of an iceberg to describe the three levels of the mind. On the surface is consciousness, which