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Taarangana 2k18

Taarangana 2k18

Taarangana, the annual cultural festival of Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women is just a few weeks away and we couldn’t be more excited. Famous for adding a dash of exhilaration and invigoration to the otherwise drab life of engineering students, this two-day extravaganza has grown by leaps and bounds in terms of sponsorships, footfall and star line-ups since its inception in 2013. This year it explores on the DC vs Marvel theme and is aptly titled Taarangana : The Sentinel Saga.
With stars like Biswa, The Local Train, Shirley Setia , Rahul Makin and DJ Zaeden, among others having graced the big stage in it’s previous editions, the coming edition is definitely going to pack an electrifying punch. Events like Mr. and Ms. Taarangana, which was judged by Rohit Khandelwal, Mr. World 2016, and Campus Princess just might be your ticket to fame. A host of other prime events, which cover all the creative spheres, will not only stimulate your creativity but also r…

Five Reasons Why Taarangana is Your Pitstop

Five Reasons Why Taarangana is Your Pitstop
First of all, why not? ʕ•̀ω•́ʔ✧
Born and nurtured amongst the veritable wilderness in the beautiful lush green grasses of- where was I going with this? Oh yeah. Taarangana has been nothing but the epitome of a great time. Entertainment, creativity and teamwork of the only Women's Engineering University in India lays out every reason to force your gang out of their permanent honeymoon and move their asses all the way to Kashmere Gate. Still need more?
Here are five reasons why you would not make that tape (too dank?) and come over instead. ;)
1. Dat Theme: With our entire campus adorned by the stuff of any comic aficionado’s dreams, Taarangana brings "The Sentinel Saga." Justice League, X-Men, capes, weapons, shields, S.H.I.E.L.D: you name it, we nerd it.
2. Dat Food: Last time, we had Maggi, Keventers, Pizza, Waffles, Food Porn. This year, we have a Foodie's Paradise. With Maggi HotHeads as our title sponsor, and an exquisite li…

Try sharing what you already have with the ones who don't. Worth it


“Make someone smile whenever you can, you never know how much of a difference you could be making in their life at that moment!” ---a phrase which says a lot and it can be judged from various facets as well. Someone’s smile can completely brighten your day and we understood this recently when we decided to spend a day with the little souls whose only home is the footpath and roadsides of Kolkata.
There is nothing happier than sharing what you already have with people who are deprived of it. The street dwellers of Kolkata lack proper food, clothing and shelter which are the basic necessities of every individual. This bitter side of the 'City of Joy'  made us feel compassionate about them and from there rose the urge to stand by their side in whatever way we can.
The idea of providing assistance to the poor street dwellers came up when we were raising funds for an NGO in our graduation days through an exhibition cum fete. We had to make products like bo…



On 21st January, Xaviers kick-started the day with their much awaited fest Xavotsav, and brought to us three days of fun, music, dance, and as Kolkata would otherwise call it “full on mosti!!”. In association with Telegraph-t2 and co-presented by MTV Beats and Vh1 India, Xavotsav’18 brought us another grooving experience that was missing when we’d begun with the new year. 
Starting each day with the different competitive showdowns by the surrounding colleges, and ending the nights with the long awaited prized performances, we faced a lot of noisy cheers, claps and dedicated chants during every college’s moments of fame. Two words would be “Killer Madness”. There were different stalls for food and snacks counters all round, people were not deprived of any variety throughout the course of the fest.
The first day was initiated by the opening ceremony, followed by the Dramatics segment of the set of events, consisting of a stag…

The Dangers of Laser Lights

Now that the party mood is still on, a quick glance should be taken on our safety and health, for it is at these times that we become freakish, and our recklessness becomes the call for accidents. So this blog is not just a note of awareness but call for precaution as well! Outlandish it might sound but this season the late night private parties are posing a great threat to the people! Want to know how? Well, the laser lights emitted from the roof tops although might look beautiful from rooftops, but is a serious risk for the flights arriving late night and advancing towards landing.

Laser lights used to entertain the crowd nowadays as beautiful as it can look and used extensively in discotheques, amusement parks, shopping malls poses great harm, if exposed accidentally, they can cause severe skin burns and eye injury. In fact this is what is happening to the pilots sitting in the cockpit, most of them regarding the last few weeks are claiming that while landing, the …

Backdoors festival announces TesseracT and Mahesh Raghunandan to join the lineup alongside Anderson .Paak and The Free Nationals, Wolf Alice and Danny Goffey

The Humming Tree Presents: Backdoors festival featuring TesseracT and Mahesh Raghunandan alongside Anderson .Paak and The Free Nationals, Wolf Alice and DannyGoffey Phase 3 tickets go live today

January 2018:  Backdoors 2018 has announced that progressive metal act TesseracT and indie-folk singer Mahesh Raghunandan will join the lineup for their forthcoming festival alongside artists including rapper, singer, drummer and producer Anderson .Paak and The Free Nationals, alternative rock quartet Wolf Alice, hip-hop and spoken word artist Watsky, English drummer Danny Goffey(from erstwhile rockers Supergrass), Indie singer-songwriter Prateek Kuhad, hip-hop act Divine and folk-rock band When Chai Met Toast.
The forthcoming edition will see Backdoors grow from a standalone show in Bengaluru to two festivals across Bengaluru (17 February) and Mumbai (14 February) featuring some of the world’s most impressive contemporary acts. Organised by The Humming Tree, Backdoors aims to keep the festival s…

"It’s not just resilience but it is about developing a will that is unwilling to relent" Social Activist, and author tells us her story

"It’s not just resilience but it is about developing a will that is unwilling to relent" ---- Jillian Haslam

No one achieves success without paying a price. The real story is always what came before. When you see Jillian Haslam on stage speaking, read her books, or give to her charitable work, what you’re seeing is a testimony to resilience, to never quitting, and to passionately pursuing a better world, even for those in greatest need.

But what you don’t see is how she got there. Born in Calcutta to parents with British ancestry in post-colonial India, Jillian faced a bruising childhood of extreme poverty, malnutrition & disease. She lived through the deaths of four siblings and some appalling instances of racist abuse. Her rise from the depths of despair and misery to wealth and international celebrity status is an inspirational story of vindication and coming home.

Today, she travels the world speaking to businesses, universities, and anyone else who wants to be insp…

"YES means YES. NO means RAPE"

"NO means NO"

Rape is the word for sexual assault. One of the worst crimes prevalent over the world. Recently a young girl was raped in Kasur and then left in a pile of dirt. Such kinds of news are tele-casted almost daily on televisions and then our very “sympathetic” society goes out to do candle light marches and changing whatsapp display pictures for granting peace to the soul of the wronged and to also display that we are ashamed of being a part of this society.

This, more than the crime of rape saddens me, we have degraded as humans. We are aliens living on this planet earth, to once in a while walk in a candle light march, where we might not even know the name of the victim or share the picture of a rape victim on our social media’s to gain popularity, or change our whatsapp display pictures to show the world, how ashamed we are to be a part of this society while we may not even feel the pain of the victim and its family. Rape is a horrific…

The History of Calcutta - Episode 3

The History of Calcutta
Episode 3:- Ballygunge

Once Ballygunge was known for the residences of rich and the aristocrats. It is rare to find that one does not know the names of Ballygunge Science College and Ballygunge Police Post. Ballygunge is bounded by Park Circus in the north, Dhakuria and Rabindra Sarovar in the south, Bhawanipore and Lansdowne in the west and Kasba in the east.
So how did this name come into being? The question follows an awkward silence. No one can say anything specific or even remotely relatable. Whenever we speak of Tollygunge, we resonate the name of Major Tully. But when we speak of Ballygunge, nothing of that sort passes our mind. But Sukumar Sen has progressed to an extent in this case. He has said that, the names of Tollygunge, Watgunge, Orphangunge and Ballygunge have been derived from the names of four famous Britishmen who have served for the Company in the pre-Independence period. Tollygunge has come from the name of Major Tully, who dug the 'Tull…


Cosmetics are perhaps the favourite products of girls who love make up. At certain age, every girl have the fetish for some make up products and would definitely love to receive it as gifts. While the most of the products of the prominent brands are way too expensive, we are enlisting some of the affordable make up products from the renowned brands.
      1.LAKME  9 to 5 CC CREAM : 

      The CC cream 9 to 5 of Lakme  costs only Rs 99. This is  a correction cream and is better in coverage and conceals the dark spots or redness in skin tone evenly. They are lighter in coverage than foundation but heavier than the tinted moisturizers. It acts as sunblock, primer and foundation. It comes in 2 shades, Beige for fair complexion and Bronze for a darker complexion.
      2.ALOVERA GEL :

      The Patanjali Alovera gel acts as a primer and make up base. It is also effective for dark circles and dark spots, helps in preventing infections . The best part of this gel is that it is suitable for …