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A Fireside chat with Gunjan Jain

I had the privilege of attending a fireside chat session with Gunjan Jain, the best-selling author of 'She Walks, She Leads - Women who inspire India'. "She Walks, She Leads" is a book which profiles twenty-four iconic women in modern India. These leaders tell their stories, up close and personal. Their relentless ambition to shatter the glass ceiling, their pursuit for excellence and the challenges that came their way – all of this is captured vividly in this exclusive anthology. Each chapter is based on extensive research and has never-seen-before photographs of these luminaries. The chapters are followed by interviews with their companions and close confidants who have seen them grow over the years. The women leaders profiled in the book come from different fields like banking, media, cinema, sports, fashion, philanthropy and industry. The fireside chat session was held with this brilliant author whose story is no less inspiring than any of them

Silent Mania

Tearing me up from within my bliss A little tepid, a little bit soft as I reside Calming me from side to side while holding me close She pushes me away, thinking I'm sometimes gross I measure myself as I tread while I lay I wish her to be gentle, it's all that I can pray To be truthful, parts of me wants to stay Others think that perhaps tis time Solitude is too noisy Self-absorbed music sometimes too quiet I wrestle with the wind which calls my name Pushing me to and fro while she does the very same I muscle up the courage to ask why She replies, "Baby, don't you know? It's time to cry" -- Aritro Ghosh


                                  Addiction. In our world there’s nothing more terrifying than that. All these psychopathic killers, violent husbands and even evil spirits, they are all frightening examples of chaos. However as true as that might be we tend to overlook the fact that at the end of the day it is their addictions that make them so. All addictions bring you to only gain a considerable amount of pain unless you use that deadly feature the right way. For example, craving success including fame and glory. Now that by itself is just plain normal, however if it gets out of hand and you start going to just about any extent then you can say it’s time to stop your addiction. Every person on this earth today faces some form of addiction. Some enjoy the ride while others are cautious from the start of it so they fortunately can’t reach the finish line. Now again I am not saying addiction is bad, what I mean is that all the people who drink, smoke, love someone

Beastly Fiction

                                                Rotting away into madness. Slaying into one’s dreams. Cursing away into a shallow melancholia Surfacing at least once, in bitter streams   A small rose, belonging to the beast Beauty turns a nod once every red moon                                                                                                              “Take this rose in exchange for shelter from the bitter cold” “Go away!” As he is turned away, the rose looks up An imaginary smile but there was a real embrace.                    “Thank you for letting me in”   Beauty welcomed the beast after all The passive surface of two minds is his domain The words uttered did not remain It kept him still Two souls entered melancholia The world now went in for the kill Sudden silence caught his pace All his flaws reached him now Sudden minds pierced him silly The fell did see as they won the race As

How Commodities Have Evolved Over Time

Nowadays we have so many different forms and facts surrounding us, as we live our lives. So many various things that govern us while at the same time becoming a part of us. Some of them new, and growing while others have been from time immemorial. Some very wide scale and detrimental of these substances include commodities like food, transport, means of communication like telephones, television, and even the internet. Some of these commodities, having started on a basic scale have over time become frequent necessities of our daily lives. While television and the internet were created for the purpose of making communication faster have now become necessary paths for daily communication. This is because as time flies, so does the force known as “Evolution”, a part of it being the force of habit. As funny as it sounds, it’s the growth in the habits surrounding the increase in our needs that causes every new invention and discovery to eventually turn from an existing nee

Kar Har Maidaan Fateh – Sanju Review

‘Sanju’ is the biopic of one of the most treasured Bollywood actors, Sanjay Dutt, or "Sanju" as he is fondly called by his friends and peers. Similarly named, the movie is directed by Munnabhai creator and director Rajkumar Hirani and produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra. The film is inspired by real life events of Sanjay Dutt. It takes one on a roller coaster ride of highs and lows, but most importantly it touches on the spirit of life, of how we rise from the very ashes of our destruction. Sanjay dutt belonged to the family of cinematic legends, his father, Sunil Dutt was an Indian movie actor, producer, director and politician. Nargis Dutt, Sanjay’s mother was an Indian actress, who starred in many classic films of Bollywood alongside stalwarts like Raj Kapoor and Dilip Kumar. She was highly regarded as one of the greatest actresses in the history of Hindi cinema. This film is on a man with with multiple shades to himself and one who's lived a life of ex

Content in Context

INITIAL BACKGROUND Content, as per basic definition is a form of communication of ideas, as well as a medium with which thoughts are also expressed. However content over the years has become much more than just a news article. It has become a basis for the creation of the future as well as the documentation of the present. In the initial times, dating back centuries to the prehistoric age, content began as simple yet significant signs and symbols. The simple and complex words that we know today, ranging through hundreds of languages were once sets of singular drawings. The form of content back then, though may seem complicated to us now because of how we know it to be organized, for the Neanderthals it was fairly basic. As time went by, it fell on the next line of civilizations to curb out all the forms and feature the finer works. With time therefore, civilizations like the mayans and romans helped content move from the confines of just being physical prin