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Chit Chat with Bhushan Gaur

Chit-Chat with Bhushan Gaur Tell us about Your Childhood. I grew up in defence environment at different cantonments across India. It was a wholesome learning being raised among kids and others who were coming from diverse backgrounds. Every third year my father was posted to a newer city in a different state and we moved along starting afresh. So the childhood passed very beautifully exploring our beautiful country and its cultures. We were raised up to respect all religions and races. I ended up learning several Indian languages. All of it equipped me in my story telling. What inspired you to become a director? The quest to learn more and share the experiences. Both my parents were very fond of literature and were excellent at narrating their experiences. I was very fortunate to be taught by really great teachers. After my schooling I got change to work abroad. The ten year long journey in advertising and further education in business was just adding u

10 New Off Beat Career Choices to Have a Bright Future

If sitting in an office cubicle from 9 to 5 is not what you're looking at then probably the following career options might interest you. A lot of people feel these unconventional career options might not pack in enough moolah but chances are if you hit it off then these could prove to be some really fun, out-of-the-box and offbeat careers for a bright future.  1) Dance Therapists  Dance therapy is the psycho therapeutic use of movement and dance to support intellectual and emotional functions of the body. Organizations such as the Creative Movement Therapy Association of India is one of the pioneer organisations in the country that offers sessions in dance and movement therapy and have been hugely successful in helping people deal with stress and anxiety better. Rather than teaching dance, therapists try to assess the individual's needs and issues. Then they initiate and help develop movement patterns, taking off from the physical-emot

The Midnight Sale Craziness

THE MIDNIGHT SALE craziness   “SHOPPING”   This one word is more than enough to brighten up anyone’s face  or lighten their mood when they are low. As the saying goes  “Retail therapy”, is by far the best of therapy to make  oneself feel more cheerful. Be it window shopping or any kind,  the word shopping is undoubtedly the happiest and most  positive word one can ever come across. Starting from a Re.1  candy to may be a Rs.20000 Michael Kors bag, shopping can give  us the utmost satisfaction at any point of time and specially  to women.   But when “SHOPPING” is accompanied by “SALE or DISCOUNT” then  it becomes one helluva of excitement, madness and craziness,  for people who are very fussy about spending money, also gears  up to grab all those goodness displaying the tag “Flat 50%  off”. Discounts are like the icing on the cake.    But then what happens if a mall starts off a 3 hour sale where  all the items and not any particular ones, are 


MALNUTRITION RISING : GLOBAL NUTRITION REPORT Few challenges facing the global community today match the scale of malnutrition, a condition that directly affects one in three people. Malnutrition manifests itself in many different ways: as poor child growth and development, as individuals who are skin and bone or prone to infection, as those who are carrying too much weight or whose blood contains too much sugar,salt,fat,cholesterol or those who are deficient in important vitamins and minerals. Malnutrition or undernourishment is a condition that results from eating a diet in which nutrients are either not enough or are too much that the diet causes health problems. With over 1.45 lakh children under the age of six in Gujarat identified with Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM), the state fails to identify any specific targets in their mission statements to overcome malnutrition, reveals the latest edition of Global Nutrition Report (GNR) . Also, the lack of coordination between heal

The soul sculpting Bhagsu-Nag

The soul sculpting bhagsu-nag When the warbling and chirruping chestnut munias and yellow beaked blue magpies come into your sparkling vision while each of your cells present on your face and bare parts of your body get indulged in the hugs of mist coming from the crystal clear cascade you would exactly know that you are right in front of that mesmerising and captivating spot amidst the high mountains and good smelling woods, that village which once witnessed a war between shiva and king bhagsu who reigned the shepherd tribes called “gaddi”. Yes you are at only one kilometre from the pretty little Mcleodganj, you witness the phenomenal falls of bhagsu-nag. High up as you go riding the slopes of the Himalayan range falling in the state of himanchal Pradesh you will slowly and gradually keep falling in love with those purple white showering flowers and adventurous steepness of the roads. In one way you will almost lose your heart as well as mind to thos

Why It's The Best Thing To Be A 90s Kid In India ????

Why It's The Best Thing To Be A 90s Kid In India ???? If, like us, you were lucky enough to be a 90s kid in India, then you would identify with each and every one of these little things that made our childhood the best time of our lives ever. 1.Best cartoons ever: Cartoon Network gave us some of the best childhood shows ever, that we crave for till date. Tom and Jerry, Richie Rich, Scooby Doo, Dexter’s Lab, Johnny Bravo, The Flintstones, etc…we can never get over those. And remember how Cartoon Network would wrap up at 9 pm and TNT would come on? We used to wish that CN would go on forever! I really feel sorry for those kids who find bliss in cartoons like CHOTTA BHEEM. :( 2. Best summer holidays ever: Remember the last day of school before the glorious holidays would be upon us to give us respite from sitting in those sweltering classrooms in the middle of May? Remember finishing of your entire holiday homework in the first few days of the month long holiday

A Simple Issue

                                                A Simple Issue So everyone is starting to leave, go abroad, chase their dreams... and maybe try to chase that pretty girl/boy they just saw. Point is we're all starting to grow the hermits say: "age". Mainly mentally cause some of us go through puberty at like thirty five. Everyone's like flying off through the sunset with their honeys and later little bunnies while I'm sitting here wondering whether I need another spoon of maple syrup on my pancake. I'm kidding. I am only that jobless on Saturdays because I don't have to wake up early on a Sunday morning. However it's true, everyone around me who has either Lady Luck or Lady Lakshmi in their lives have basically attained their visas. By my own account, those ladies may just be actual women cause even they reject the simple and caring men. It is proved that there are actually quite a few people who stay back and have to study in their

Ramadan Kareem

RAMADAN KAREEM The month of festivity and forgiveness for the Muslims is here. Ramadan is a special season that signifies much for every Muslim who fasts in the day and volunteers other form of worship in the night. His motive is great prize of forgiveness of past sins. Fasting during the holy month is one of the five pillars of Islam, which also include prayer and charity. To fast, Muslims abstain from eating, drinking, smoking and engaging in sexual activity from sunrise to sunset. Ramadan is a joyous month of spiritual growth, charity, celebra tion, family gathering, sharing, shopping, and late night family meals. Fasting is one of the greatest means of helping a person to fulfill the commands of Islam. All this might sound miserable to non-Muslims but for the followers of Islam it fills there heart with love and respect for Allah. There are a few question that a number of non-Muslim friends and colleagues often ask us, usually out of fascination with this spiritually-uplifti