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LETS BIRYANI What special food are your preparing for your Sunday guests, when asked to Mrs. Sharma she echoed the same words like the others in her group, “biryani”. The palate satisfying dish has now become a current hot favorite not only of Mrs. Sharma but tons of people. This diasporafavorite is generally made with spices, rice and meat. Although the exact origin of biryani is as yet unknown although various conjectures are there that this dish came along with the Mughals butcertainly we have transformed the spice, the flavor of this dish into our own. Areas where rice is the staple food like Hyderabad, Telangana, Tamil Nadu distinct varieties of biryani are present. Andhra seems to be the only region there having no native varieties. Although certain sources said that the dish came along with the Mughals especially with Babur similar sources have also argued that the origin of this dish brought its roots with Timur. Although association between “biryani” and” pulao” or “p

The Blue Whale Blight

The Blue Whale Blight That bell, which used to ring in the afternoon, was our call for freedom. Packing those books and pens in a jiffy we used to rush home, only to change that uniform and run to the playground. Those beautiful and blissful moments of laughter and joy was that source of oxygen that made us survive the daily compulsions of securing a bright future or as our society terms it: ‘education’! We used to return home sweating like pigs and study till dinner. Of course we did have all those tiring lessons of co curricular activities and how can I forget those unnecessary tuitions for securing marvelous scores. Yes we did have competition among ourselves, but above all these, we were friends. We made a little world of delight out of a messy pile of despair, fear and pressure from our parents. So what suddenly happened in these 5years that we cringe at the sight of our next generations? We grew up. It was a long time, for our parents’ of course! But for us it was like an

National Students' Space Challenge.

National Students' Space Challenge In the wake of tremendous success in the field of space science and technology, the world has witnessed the birth of a new era. As the world realised the importance of space technology, spAts IIT Kharagpur took the initiative of starting National Students’ Space Challenge, which is a unique blend of space science and technology. Every year, many budding space enthusiasts showcase their talents in this fest which also happens to be India’s first and largest Space Technology fest. The commencement of September 2017 brings with it the 7th edition of the National Students’ Space Challenge presented by IIT Kharagpur and Sha-Shib Group in association with The New India Assurance, Co sponsored by ARDC and powered by IASPL.During the fest, participants from all across the country compete in amazing set of space themed robotic and non-robotic events. Participants also get to witness amazing exhibitions, guest lectures, webinars and workshops. T

A Hypocritical Discourse on Amor

A Hypocritical Discourse on Amor   Disclaimer: This discourse is based on a true lecture delivered somewhere someday. Resemblance to any character or situation is purely coincidental. 'Progressive minded' and 'intellectuals' are discouraged to delve into it. Amor in Spanish means love. Love is indeed cringeworthy to avid readers of blogs but this is an objective overview of love, a generalisation through all ages and quite 'hypocritical' but ultimately defining the truth of 'love game'. Wikipedia defines love as a variety of different emotional and mental states, typically strongly and positively experienced, that ranges from deepest interpersonal affection to simple pleasure. Science interprets love to be a chemical or more precisely an electrochemical phenomenon in brain. They relate to pheromones, hormones, neurotransmitters, neurons and all of everything that hits a bottom to make the subject an impenetrable one to science itself. When


        6 INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT YOUTH “Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.”  ― Franz Kafka It is said that the world’s two most prized gifts are the love of a woman and the beauty of youth. While we always talk about women, today let’s take this opportunity to talk about youth. Youth is the most treasured trait that a person can have, without it a person can be 45 but feel like 85. Youth or young people around the globe are always treated as not only the “future” of humankind but also looked upon as the envied lot, as their energy levels are still at their peak. So let’s take this time to learn a bit more about them:        1.   The definition varies from country to country. According to the United Nations, “Youth” are the people who are of ages 15-24. However different countries have different definitions. In Nigeria youth are termed to be people between ages 1

Farewell, Jerry Lewis.

Farewell, Jerry Lewis. “Farewell! Thou art too dear for my possessing.”   This one liner is not enough to bid farewell to the all time favorite actor, singer, comedian, producer Jerry Lewis. Born on 16th March 1926 he was famous for his slapstick humour in film.  His original name was Joey Lewis, he started winning hearts through his performance from a very early age when he was as young as five, that small chap used to be a co-partner along with his parents in Catskill Mountains in New York, but no matter how much he got involved in his work he was still a “character” in his teenage years pulling pranks in his neighborhood and stealing their chicken and pies. That same naughty chap had the sense of patriotism in him so much so that he wanted to join as a member of the army during World War 2 but unfortunately for him he was rejected due to his “heart murmur.” Jerry Lewis gained attention in his later years as an accomplished actor; he made certain successful appearance

Top 10 eateries for you and your gang by Elisa Gupta

Top 10 eateries for you and your gang The bong adrenalin is at it's highest peak as the big month that is the month of Durga Puja is almost there.You and your gang is all decked up to start the shopping marathon. Though the above activity charges us enough but still after hours of running,bargaining and purchasing what hits us hard is hunger pranks! herein comes the I Youth team to your rescue. We have travelled and dined through out Kolkata to suggest you some of the best eateries and cafes which you can visit with your favourite troop post shopping. 1. Blue Mug : A little tight on the budget after heavy shopping ? worry not! This little saviour located in jodhpur park named as Blue mug will make your day . It is extremely pocket friendly and offers you a lip smacking range of items .Do try out their brownie shake and thin crust pizza. pocket pinch - Rs 300-600 for two people 2. Sienna Cafe : This fancy cafe located in Hindusthan park is for people on a d

Lipstick Under My Burkha by Rumeli Pyne and Sayantani Sengupta

LIPSTICK UNDER MY BURKHA Four ordinary women, inflicted by silly societal norms, have to steal, lie, cheat and hide in order to lead the lives that they rightfully deserve. ​ The women portraying these lives on screen give Lipstick, its true color. Plabita and Aahana are instantly relatable and light up the screen. Konkona’s helplessness makes you think about every woman who is a second-class citizen in her own home. And Ratna’s infatuated Usha, a woman in the throes of passion, will make you look at older women in a new light. The story revolves around four simple women in Bhopal who are suppressed every day by the society and their near ones and are not allowed to fulfil their wishes. The four characters belong to four different age groups but they have one thing in common which is their gender. They are dominated by the male members as well as others; hence they cannot live their lives according to their own choice. Rihana (Plabita Borthakur) is a young college goer wh
WHAT IT MEANS TO BE DEPRESSINGLY DEPRESSED Hello, its 12.10 am and she is still awake. Why? Because of depression. No matter how hard we try to hide it with that yes we are alright , but the truth can’t be hidden inside. Each and every one of us, we are nurturing the inescapable gloom. Reason? Well, we don’t have any reason, or even if we have we just don’t want to confess. Depression in the 21st century has become as common as the common cold . Often we hide it when we shouldn’t. Often we don’t combat it, when we should. The early symptoms of depression, are the signs that signals us, that yes we need someone to listen to us, to solve our problems. A kind friend, or a helping parent, but if neither of these then obviously a psychiatrist. Often this idea still seems far-fetched for those who don’t believe in consulting one, but the need for a good psychiatrist especially for teenagers is most ardent. Just think of all those sleepless nights we spend, and then think life w
"We create New Music because Uniqueness lay within us” The Radical Array Project Gets Close and Candid About Their Work The Radical Array Project popularly known as T. R. A. P. which turned 3 years this August had a rambling conversation with us wherein they confided several of their experiences. This band set in the suburbs of Kolkata aspires to enthuse among its audience a spirit of new music with variation in taste and quality which is heartily appreciated by their fan followers. Beginning with the introduction of the five member band consisting of Suanjito Dutta (the drummer), Swapnabho Roy aka Papai (the bass guitarist), followed by Ronnie Chatterjee (the guitarist, production manager) , Bhaswar Sen ( the Violinist) and Anupam Pyne ( the key board player) began the conversation. When asked what was their inspiration to start the band, replied Bhaswar Sen, "the inspiration was to do something unique, apart from doing covers of famous bollywood and wes