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As countries ride, their markets take on a course and collide. These market collisions whisper tales of hefty financial discourse as we journey through the age of Donald Trump. During the age of millennials, the new tax laws have made various changes to the standing point we had built over 30 years. While posing various unanswered questions, the new tax bill stands a threat for the cryptocurrency regime. The bill has affected these newer age markets like bitcoin tremendously forcing them downhill. In the new, digital and reformed age that we live in, more and more millennials have found themselves taking a swim into the vast ocean of the stock market so as to earn money. Moreover as we all know that as the generations go by, things move much faster. Unlike the yester year’s civilians, the 19-20 year olds of today delve into the world of stock market for as small as extra lunch money. The effect on bitcoin among others has therefore taken a massive toll on people such as us. Why exactl…

"With the death of innocent children, died humanity" It's time we rise

Asifa, an eight year old was abducted, gang-raped and brutally murdered in Kathua. Along with her, died humanity which we are devoid of; if nowadays societies consist of those who prey so heinously on little children then stands to reason that there's something horrid within our souls. The Unnao rape case, another incident which refers to the rape of a 17 year old girl, as well as another very recent case concerning a two day old baby girl being flushed down the toilet both help paint the never-melting portrait of crime in our country.

Another tale tells of two men having dug up the dead body of a lady who was buried there two days back. Why did they do this, you ask? Well, they did so to rape her. In Assam, a rape victim was found with 86 wounds on her body. Goes to show how diverse our country truly is, so much so that every form of crime is dangerously diverse.
As you must have seen, that as of now I have just been mentioning facts. Because as soon as the perpetrators are name…

Another Blockbuster From The Streets of South Kolkata: “ Kaffiesta Steaks”

We often say "good things come in small packages " - this place is a perfect example of just that! Located near Triangular Park, a bit far off from the main road, this new, little eatery is on it's way to becoming the best steak hub very soon. The impressive zomato reviews had intrigued me a lot and very recently I paid a visit there with my friends and had a gala time enjoying some quality American and Italian cuisine.  So if you're looking for an authentic grill house in Kolkata with rich cuisine, then your search ends here at Kaffiesta.

The ambience is amazingly beautiful. It has a sitting capacity of 16 people and with the brightly lit up walls, enchanting music playing in the background and different quotes framed on the wall, this place will give you the much needed dose of extra happiness and warmth that you'd been missing during the long & tiring week.

In case of food, it stands out as equally good compared to the other nearby food joints. We ordered a …

Walk in the glory of your own sparkle

The society dictates our lifestyle. We are chained with fetters of societal norms regarding our existence. Standards are set of how strong one should be or for that matter even levels of how weak one can be is maintained. The simple truth gets deviated in such thought process and standards. All humans are different and unique; they cannot be measured on the same gauge.  So break free from these shackles and carve your own identity. Make yourself proud, even if it means getting up from the bed and making  yourself coffee, or reading a novel or speaking with a friend. You do not have to rush by the timeline of others, rise according to your time. It is absolutely okay to give in to circumstances at times, it does not define us, we all have weak moments, we need to grow from it, the change and progress might be slow but it is certain. We have to keep trying, it will be heart wrenching, nerve racking and crest falling at moments, and here is where hope and belie…


Romance have been the childhood fantasies for most of the readers while others binge read on the thrillers. Perhaps the first storybooks we all read dealt with some fairy tales where the hero in the shining armor rescued the damsel in distress. Over the years the perfect fairy tale love stories give way to some unrequited love and deals with some heart wrenching climaxes. The entire teenage period, readers mostly thrive on the romances and while some romances are just common but there are some which last their impression till the adulthood. So, here we are listing some of the most popular and everlasting impressed romances which we are sure that you would not like to miss if you are a loyal reader of the genre.
The Notebook by American novelist Nicholas Sparks is one of the most famous romantic novels of all the time which was later adapted to a film in 2004. The book which portrays the love story between Noah and Allie who have been separated years back in their early …

Teacher, often described as our friend, philosopher and guide, plays a vital role in everyone’s life. A teacher has the capability to guide his or her students and give them immense courage and inspiration. We all remember at least one teacher from our school throughout our lives, isn’t it? It is because he or she has been able to put an impact in your life. Teaching is an art and an educator needs to find several methods to teach the students and these ways may differ every time with each new batch of students. An educator needs to perform every day in class as per the needs and demands of the batch and we always remember the best performance althroughout. Hichki, a recent film by Siddharth Malhotra is about a brilliant teacher, Naina Mathur (Rani Mukerji) who has Tourette’s syndrome, lands a job in an elite school after several failures and rejections. She puts aside her problem and overcomes all challenges to…

Viatorem Elme

Wind of Change
Bursting sensation of Synesthesia
I don't know
Where this road goes
But the path does seem half decent

Change that blingyness you bring with you
Let the atmospheric thirst of your soul quench up
Let yourself out of your own prison
Tell me now
This wasn't
The reason

I plucked my heart a hundred times
Strings out of tune for eternal time

Why does this go this go
Why does this this go...
Let the token and charms
Slip out their designated pockets

Embrace the vow that you made to yourself
On that Cliffhanging bench

See yourself out of the prison of your mind

Hear yourself out
This may be the last time
Maybe the.....
Last time

Centipedes of regeress
Hailing down my breath
Seamlessly painting
The hollow in my bone

Skinned too soon.....

By: Prajesh Konchady