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FRIENDS VS HIMYM As minds who've matured during the growing age of tv shows we have seen some really interesting genres unfold. From the sixties till the eighties, Hollywood gave us laugh riots with the likes of the Dick van Dyke Show , Mary Tyler Moore Show , Cheers , Golden Girls and its spinoff Empty Nest , and I Love Lucy . However the nineties brought forward a new type of era for TV and especially comedy with shows like Friends , Mad About You , and Everybody loves Raymond . The tides changed as a greater significance for youth came into the picture. The main game changer was Friends which took youth everywhere by storm with the proper depiction of how each and every one of us face issues like unrequited love, failed marriages, divorce, short term relationships, and bad breakups during our 20s. Friends  is one of the first shows to bring out the concept of fandoms and was a one of a kind dose of life to which each and every one can relate to. The magic was and


GUIDELINES TO MAKE YOUR WRITING CREATIVE Are you willing to become an author in future? Or, a secret diarist? If you have the necessary interest and talent but cannot figure out the right way, this article is just for you! Some of us love to read stories from various genres and imagine ourselves as a writer because we know that we are apt for it. However, we don’t know from where to start, what to include and how to end. We all know that the opening lines of a write-up or a novel is crucial…it can decide the fate of your story! When we watch a film and the opening scenes are quite interesting, we can anticipate that the film would be worth watching. The same goes for creative writing as well. GENERAL GUILDLINES: HOW TO BEGIN YOUR STORY?       You can begin with a beautiful but compact description of a person.       You can include an interesting dialogue.       You can even introduce several characters right in the beginning instead of a dialogue!     


Let’s Talk About This Let’s talk! Something we rarely do nowadays. There are so many cases of depression nowadays. Depression has been termed as so many different things over the years. Some say it’s a “disease”. We live in a society where we term anything neurological to be mean the same thing:      She has a mental problem!                OR          She’s weird! TAKE A MOMENT TO DEFINE The main definition calls depression to be a “state of low mood and aversion to activity that can affect a person's thoughts.” Nothing mental about that. It’s a situation more than a condition. People with a condition have an inability to be functional, people with depression are not like that all. They find it hard to fit in. It is a shortcoming that we fail to understand sometimes that people with depression, social anxiety, and so on are no different from everyone else. To be honest, a girl suffering from depression is also either an introvert or extrovert. Just because you see


10 BRUTAL DICTATORS AROUND THE GLOBE Genghis Khan At a young age of 20 years he was on a mission of uniting all Mongolians under his kingship that included brutal, rude and barbaric tactics and strategies to do so. To avenge his father's murder by the Tatar Army, Temujin ordered the killing of ever Tatar male taller than 3 feet. He has horrifying cases of killing and slaughtering people and history denotes he once captured a governor during his campaign against the Khwarizm Dynasty, killed him by pouring hot molten silver in his ears and eyes. Idi Amin Famously called the “butcher of Uganda”the victims of his acts were subjected to imprisonment, torture and death. He had a passion for killing people and it seemed as if it was his entertainment. It is noted that he often tortured people by cutting f their genitals and leaving them bleed to death, he flayed humans alive and made them eat their own flesh, made men line up and then forced the first man to lie down, only

Beat the heat this summer!

Beat the heat this summer! Summer season means blazing sun and scorching heat, humid climactic conditions, dehydration and lethargy. However, we can always beat the heat if we follow these useful tips! Firstly, we must keep ourselves hydrated during summer, which will help us to maintain a healthy body, glowing skin and silky hair! Curd/yoghurt is very healthy to have in hot summer because it helps us to cool our body. Curd can be consumed directly or in the form of lassi. We can also add our favourite fruits in the curd and enjoy it! Coconut water is full of nutrients which are beneficial for our body. It has got cooling properties as well! Do not forget to have lots of fresh fruits or fruit juice during this season. Fruits such as watermelon, banana, and papaya are extremely good for our body. Secondly, we all struggle with our clothes because we cannot choose the proper dress to wear in this heat. Well, let me help you! Alw

The Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak

Poetry. Love. Sufi. What is the first name that pops in your head when you read these three words? –RUMI. That’s what comes to me, and I’m pretty sure that’s the name which strikes most of you as well. But Rumi as we know him, was not always the same. He was a scholar, a preacher who led a secure life, admired and loved by all. He was not a poet. He was not a Sufi. “Glory be to God, an ocean is walking behind a lake.” And then he met Shams of Tabriz. The wandering dervish became not just his companion but a mirror to his soul. Their relationship became a victim of slander, malicious gossip and Rumi’s once unimpeachable reputation was destroyed. Familial strife, enmity and innumerable hardships later, as Rumi unlearned everything he knew, he became the one he was meant to be. A Poet. A Sufi. A Lover. Elif Shafak describes this wild beauty of love, the meaning of life, the tests to find true love, the way to peace and a lot, lot more through her magnificent w

Kiss of the lilac

Kiss of the Lilac As she faded away in non-existence A hug came to me in fantasy Few sparkles of ceremonious giggles Lighting up chrysanthemum in a little glass “You are among my cluster of thoughts” In a garden of metered maleficence A true embodiment of gifted lilac Entrusted by the heart on it’s bloom Impertinent and immoral, wasted by cruelty sweet I took a quick glance before the eyes would meet Proudly I dared look into her compressed mirror Colors bounced between convex edges Artful than the impression that Gogh did forget Menacingly beautiful as she took the turn A celibacy of uncountable dark attractions at that A pact of resentful urgencies that cluelessly burn Puppet intentions, I took a peel of what I could take The soft edges of mysticism exchanged by a shake As she curled into his pages, stinging with her straight hair so folly Her eyes showed the way towards Eden, spreading enamour so jolly “I love her like anything”, greeneries of tho

10 SHOCKING Facts about North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea)

So are you Planning to go to North Korea soon? Well you can think but we suggest you think twice...So here is 10 Shocking facts about North Korea! 1) HAIRCUTS These Are North Korea’s 28 State-Approved Hairstyles... For Women :Women are allowed to choose one of 14 styles; married women are instructed to keep their tresses short, while the single ladies are allowed let loose with longer, curlier locks. For Men: Men are prohibited from growing their hair longer than 5 cm — less than 2 inches — while older men can get away with up to 7 cm (3 inches).  THE SUPREME LEADER, Kim Jong Un is however EXEMPTED. 2) School Costs   In North Korea people have to pay for everything that includes Desks, Chairs, Paper, Pen blah blah blah, Fuel for heating and ALSO Building Materials for Constructions and Upkeep. Students also have to work for paying their fees and this "Work" can be the Parents (only the wealthy ones) just bribe


A SOUND REVIEW The hills are alive with the sound of music………it’s been so long since you’ve heard that isn’t it? Truly it is a film that really doesn’t fail to deliver. It keeps you glued to your seats handling the emotion and then gets you up and dancing to melody next minute. Sound of Music is one of the many films that defined the sixties for us, along with My Fair Lady and Mary Poppins. The movies of those times really echoed the motto that if you’re going through a bad time or if you’re in a troubled situation, sing about it. Let it flow out in music. The emotion is on an entirely different level entirely due to the correct way that it was done, something that has died down over the years. The Von Trapps while learning how to sing and dance teach us about the versions of ourselves that are buried deep within ourselves. There are many who are shy, childish and soft spoken like Gretl; cute and curious like Marta; and especially every single one of us has been through a