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Nakash Aziz ~ The Rising Sensation in Bollywood Music Industry

Nakash Aziz: I am not from Planet Earth Meet Nakash Aziz, the rising sensation in Bollywood music industry, the voice behind the hits like  'Pungi' from Agent Vinod, 'Second Hand Jawani' from Cocktail, 'Gandi Baat' from R...Rajkumar, 'Selfie le le re' from Bajrangi Bhaijaan and the latest hit 'Jabra Fan' from FAN. Not only a singer, Nakash is also a music composer. iYouthmag gets to interview the multi-talented and extremely funny singer Nakash Aziz. Q. Tell us about your childhood. A. So basically from where I come from the place is called "Rhooda". Rhooda is basically a Planet in the "Andromeeda" Galaxy and I am an "Alien". So I am not from Planet Earth. I came here when I was I think  "One Zear" old. We call it Zear in our Planet. Then I came to this Planet and my "Foster Parents" took care of me. And in my Planet everybody sings. (pause). This is interesting no, thi

Pretend it's Real ..

T here are so many things in this world that makes one sad every day. Either it is the anxiety when your exams are around the corner or the rejection from the present girl. Let me tell you a trick to be happy. Keep dreaming. No I mean seriously, keep dreaming. Keep believing that whatever you want will come true. I'll tell you why.........Wait! Do I really? Well yeah for all those who think I'm trying to bore you here and because I can't write something so small. It's because when you love something or someone it doesn't hurt to make them your's in your dreams. It's actually completely fine ........but yeah please don't try to do the same thing in real life unless it is actually your's, especially in case of a "someone". Or else I hear a lot of sound effects coming from your side. Pretending doesn't hurt unless it makes you a psychopathic criminal. Pretension of a particular situation is one way to keep the sadness a


" L isten to your intuition," they say. "Trust your gut." But What can you do to ensure that your true feelings aren't being distorted?The problem is that nothing  tells us to trust our instincts,explain what it looks like. On top of this, we spend our whole lives being taught to override our intuition. We're taught to think things through, really think about it, give it some thought. Instincts aren't thoughts. They're grounded in feelings. And learning how to see through a thought-based reaction to the instinct beneath it is a powerful way to steer yourself toward a happy, healthy life. Feeling Versus Thinking Complex thinking has been around for an eyeblink compared with the millions of years of evolution that went into developing our senses. Thoughts can spin our reactions to what we encounter, while the gut-deep impulses we get from instinct are usually more honest. Replacing instincts with thoughts trades some of our strongest

The Beaver and the Bird

                                              T hat little everyday bird came and perched on it's regular branch, and today instead of looking left and right, it looked down and saw a beaver. The wanderer without much haste tread in it's usual fashion and like everyday expected the sound of the wind, the feel of the grass and the push of the usual heat. However today he did hear chirping. The little beaver tripped and fell, and as he sat back up there stood a new figure on his head. The beaver moved as the bird showed delight towards the traveller. With the usual wood to pile up the beaver kept moving here and there near his domain. Crouching with passion and grooving with ease, the beaver caught the attention of the bird who had decided to sit on the nearby rock to wait for it's food. The little bird chirped in delight at the exalted one. The bird flew to him and repeatedly splashed some water cooling him while under the sun. They beaver scratched his nose and

Is our world becoming dystopia?

D efinition of dystopia- “ State in which everything is unpleasant or bad, typically a totalitarian or un environmentally degraded one ” Many of the greatest sci-fi writers have used their current times as the base to create some horrifying dystopia tales. This is because the world we live in today can just be as disturbing as a dystopian civilisation, from my point of view we are living in a  dystopian world. There has never been a greater disparity between the rich and the poor. Just a mere one percent of the world ’ s population is closing in on owning nearly half of the world ’ s wealth. Everyone knows that you can ’ t trust the news anymore. Most of the biggest media houses are controlled or operated by major corporations and political parties, making the news just about as reliable as a ‘ pinky swear ’ . Media only telecast those news which are beneficial or inn favour of their organisation, showcasing the reality through media is old school now days. The gov