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The rising Sound Engineer from Kolkata ~ Abhibroto Mitra

“There’s not much scope for emotions for a freelancer, but my work is completely emotionally driven” -says Abhibroto Mitra , one of the rising sound engineers of the city. Abhibroto has worked with Cactus, Lakkhichhara, The Bodhisattwa Trio, Underground Authority to name a few and has been a part of the Friday Night Originals since its inception. Currently working as a free lancer, he is also the in- house audio engineer for BlooperHouse Studios . Here’s a glimpse of him opening up to us about himself.  Interviewer- What is Music to you, what is that which drew you towards it ? Interviewee - Music is the only language that works for me , in fact it’s the only form of communication that very fluently translates a sentence which might not have been able to express itself by the same . However, where it’s difficult to frame the emotion or convey a message through words, it might as well be able to express itself through a song written from the heart. Interviewer- Kno