5 Cool Apps That You Should Get This Monsoon!

A smartphone without applications is similar to a bike without petrol. The applications or "apps" drives the smartphone. These days, smartphones come with various preloaded apps. Some of them are pretty useful while some aren't. It is very important to keep a handful of apps that you need in your day-to-day life. Piling up unnecessary apps will reduce the efficiency of your smartphone.
Keeping all that in mind, we have compiled a list of some cool and useful applications which will definitely add a spark to your smartphone. Have a look.

  • Xender - Xender is an application that can be used to connect two or more smartphones to share digital content. It can be photo, music, application, video and other media. Xender uses the technique of WiFi direct to connect two devices. What makes Xender so awesome is, it's rate of transfer. The average speed is over 5 MB per second. This is almost 50 times faster than Bluetooth. You can do the calculation now. The best part is you DO NOT require an Internet connection to use Xender.
    Xender is available on iOS and Android platform.

  • Gravity Screen - The concept of Gravity Screen has been taken from Motorola Moto X Gen 1 and Gen 2. This smartphone has a feature - wave to wake up. There are different sensors installed in Moto X that detects motion and allows the screen to wake up. Gravity Screen is based on the same principle. The app can detect when you put your phone in your pocket, lay it face down, or even when you move it while reading. If it detects it's in a state where the screen doesn't need to be on, it turns it off. If it thinks you want to use it, the display comes right back on. You can even customize the sensitivity of the various sensors. This application is very useful if you have issues with the power button of your smartphone.
    Gravity Screen is available only on Android.

  • Shazam - Shazam is a music identification app. All you have to do is open the app and turn it on. Shazam will listen to any music that is played near the device and then tell you the details of the song like song name, artist and so on. Shazam is available on iOS, Windows and Android platform.

  • musiXmatch - This is world's largest music catalog. Musixmatch provides you with the lyrics of any song once you start playing it on your smartphone. This is the best deal for people who love to sing while listening to songs.
    musiXmatch is available on iOS, Windows and Android platform.

  • Omni Swipe - Omni Swipe is the perfect solution to most of the problems caused due to big size of the smartphone's screen. Omni Swipe allows convenient access to your favorite apps, contacts, settings, and incoming notifications using just one hand. With just one finger swipe you trigger a customizable radial menu. The radial menu can be triggered from the following areas: bottom left, bottom right, middle left, and middle right. This menu keeps what’s important and most useful to you in hands reach. You can get your apps, phone settings, recent items, favourite items from this radial menu. A lifesaver indeed!
    Omni Swipe is available only on Android platform.


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