13 TV shows of Doordarshan that every 90's kid grew up watching

With too many TV shows conquering audience attention, few still have some sweet memories of those old Doordarshan days. While cable network was yet to cement their foothold across the Indian TV industry, viewers were in full joy watching classics on DD.And as we did not have the luxury of switching to multiple channels, we could watch only what DD had in store for us; shows that might have been low on budget but high on content.One just can't sit and recall these show without a soothing smile running down their faces.
 The 90s was an era when television shows catered to the whole family – instead of segregating the saas-bahus and the bachchas from the mard log. And those lucky enough to grow up during that era would fondly remember these 13 TV shows.Take a look :

1. Alif Laila
Alif Laila with it’s new story for each day, made it impossible for us to not get lost in the story completely. Remember the green genie?

2. Byomkesh Bakshi

Our very own version of Sherlock Holmes, Byomkesh Bakshi made detectives look cool and their work look cooler.

3. Captain Vyom

Captain Vyom took Indian Sci-Fi stories to a whole new level and made it look good like it never did before.


Mornings during the 90s were incomplete without watching Chitrahaar or even listening to it.

5. Dekh Bhai Dekh

Although a comedy, Dekh Bhai Dekh taught us about how, even during the ups and downs of life, family always stays together.

6. Haddi Raja

This cool, dancing Haddi was the reason many of us kids, started eating our greens and finishing up that glass of milk without making a face.

7. Jungle Book

This serial was based on the book of same name by Rudyard Kipling and was our favourite cartoon to watch as children. Who can forget the tales of Mowgli, Sher Khan and Bageera!

8. Malgudi Days

Based on R. K. Narayan’s book of the same name, this serial set in the fictional town of Malgudi, depicted the various facets of an Indian’s life accurately.

9. Shaktimaan

This serial made up for all the lack of superheroes India had with the best and most beloved superhero of Indian TV. Sorry, Shaktimaan!

10. Shriman Shrimati

This story took “love thy neighbours” a bit too literally, but nonetheless we loved watching this comedy for its classic punchlines. We still miss Keshu, Dilruba, Koki and Prema Ji.

11. Surabhi

The most popular cultural show on TV, be it a history lesson or a travel story, this show had it all. Can you ever miss Renuka Shahane’s beautiful smile.

12. Tenali Rama

Tenali Rama was full of wise cracks, intelligent jokes and life lessons that not just our generation, but even our grandparents loved to watch.

13. Vikram Betal

This serial was the perfect definition of edutainment where Betaal told stories with life lessons to king Vikramaditya and parents made it a point to make their kids watch and learn from this.


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