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Are u telepathic? Have you ever received a message or a phone call from the person you were thinking about at that moment? It is no accident when you were thinking about them and they called you. It is TELEPATHY.
Telepathy is one of the most powerful psychic abilities. It is known as mind to mind communication , which are feelings exchanged between a sender and a receiver. 'Telepathy' is taken from the Ancient Greek "tele" meaning "distant" and "pathos or patheia" meaning "feeling,perception,passion,affliction,experience". The term was coined in 1882 by the classical scholar Frederic W.H.Myers, a founder of the Society for Psychical Research and has remained more popular than the earlier expression 'thought-transference'.

There seems to be a deep,unexplainable connection between parents and children; perhaps it is the by-product of physical and spiritual bonding. When we share stories of the bonding time, we often hear accounts of telepathy between parents and the baby. Mothers have special psychic instincts which keep them connected with her children, even if they are not near her.

We do not have to have blood relation with someone, to be telepathic friends. Telepathy seems to work best when there is a strong link between the people concerned. Close friends can communicate in this way. If the telepathically-connected pair are apart and one person is suffering,the other may feel their pain or get a strong feeling that there is something wrong.

It is found in romantic relationships when a lover begins to sense what the other is thinking. Have you ever noticed that you often meet the important people in that right moment? It is never an accident. We are always in touch with our soulmates and when we need them most,they will just show up!

Dogs are so in tune with us that they can read our minds, according to a new 'Learning & Behaviour' study. Those of us who have owned or been around dogs for any period of time, know how well they sense our tiredness,depression,headaches or other maladies before we consciously exhibit any major outward signs or distress. Dogs can even detect when a person has cancer. They also seem to sense our joy and good health

Telepathy is a instantaneous communication between two beings through the transmission of thoughts via mind - linking. Are you ready for a telepathic world? Are you willing to have this special and magical experience? Can you hear my thoughts?



  1. Informative... Interesting read!

  2. Informative... Interesting read!

  3. Telepathy is controvercial matter . It is not scientifically proved. Dogs have eextreme sense of smell and they can not detect cancer unless they are trained to smell cancer tissues. However lots is controvercies are there. With thanks and best wishes to you . Sandip Ghosh .

  4. Telepathy is controvercial matter . It is not scientifically proved. Dogs have eextreme sense of smell and they can not detect cancer unless they are trained to smell cancer tissues. However lots is controvercies are there. With thanks and best wishes to you . Sandip Ghosh .

  5. Very informative and very impressive...

  6. The late great Satyajit believed in the plausibility of telepathy. This write-up is very informative indeed!

  7. Does anyone know of any studies done about telepathy development from drugs like crack? Or how to stop someone from hurting someone else with telepathy? Am I losing my mind? Please help


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