Attack on Students of Regent Education & Reserach Foundation Group of Institution

By- Somiron Banerjee

It was 21st of Sept. 2016, we had our Freshers Welcome Party on that day, as per our college regulation’s every year fresher’s party are held by the 2nd years and fest by the 3rd years, so this time the 2nd year students conducted the freshers party but during the programme the students who are locals started interrupting the programme. Though they had stopped the programme for a while but it started again. But at last around 8pm police ordered to end the programme but the scheduled time was from 5-10pm. 

Our 4th year seniors stated that its their last year and requested the Police Officials so that they permit to carry on the event ...but the police officials turned a deaf to their requests.

At the end some of the local people mixed up with police officials and started beating the students with sticks and plastic pipes and everything which was available near them.

When we disclosed the matter to our college authority they remained silent and they stepped behind about the matter.

So me being a student of this college..

We just request the officials of our college to give us justice….we also want justice so that this kind of incident doesn’t happen to any other college of this state or the other.


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