THE SUMMER FOR THE FOODIES                                                    

The days of scorching heat, blazing sun, are back in all its form. Fortunately this does not stop the foodies from tucking  in .  But no matter how much one loves to eat food one has to be careful especially for the summer months . Not only is it necessary to keep oneself hydrated all the time but to add up to it one could also compensate for the sweat loss by having fruit salads a mixture of varieties like watermelon, oranges, cucumber, lettuce, mango not only to keep one fit but also for an equally fit immune system

The beneficiary qualities of them are regardless to say. They are in short an all in all for the body from preventing the cell damage till refilling the lost potassium .  The rich content of iron and potassium helps to keep the body active and keep it going all  day long .
All this is quite enough for the health conscious people but what about the foodies? Well, thankfully enough the chefs have become quite benevolent for them this summer and have introduced an enticing plethora of dishes . Starting from the flavoured ice tea to a range of salads they have certainly introduced a variety to soothe the hungry bellies . All the foods are made keeping in mind the hot oven situation  in which Kolkata is in right now .

For the main course there is the “Steamed MurgiPaturi”  made with soft boneless chicken.This dish goes quite well with hot rice and lemon cubes and is   a must try in this summer .

For the “mache-bhatebangali” there is the finger licking “Koi - macherjhol” teamed with low spices and less oil which is a look out in this summer.
For the lovers of chicken again , if the “Steamed Murgi” is not enough then one can definitely go in for the “ KanchaLonkaNarkelPostoMurgi” a perfect blend of Italian and Bengali cuisine.
Hopefully, this blog may excite the palates of the readers and they step out to try the varities.
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