The Evangeline Traveller

The Evangeline Traveller

There she was in all her fury
Remarkable zest, eyes of obscurity
As they did the occasional down and up
All was noticed was a slender soul
But to me was someone who made me whole
Her curly hair lined its way into my heart
She had clowned them all from the start
As I touched the curly soul there writhed agony
As she menaced to sensation there stood testimony
The aphrodising hand that cried the river
The pheromonic angst that lit through the doorway
The rainbow in her presence whispered me a tale
Breaking a solemn purity, she put down the veil
Little did she know that there crept a shadow
There stood the demon holding the lantern
The sweet giggle pierced through mahogany
While the tongue in cheek softened up the story
Crimson and tantalized as she lay halfway across the bed
Her plain psychosis charmed a thousand loves never said
As she walked by my fence, I crept steady into her secret room
She wove her own Charlotte’s web, I spent time with a valuable cartoon
L’amour jested past a million curses, her purple aura did attain
In tender darkness sailing beyond, le désirdanssesveines
She is the graceful wind, ravaging past sensible mediocrity
An Evangeline traveller, she guided me through her mystical city

By: Aritro Ghosh


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