Men and women should be treated equally ---perhaps this phrase is still not true since women are victims of many brutal attacks in the society. One of them is an acid attack, which can ruin her entire body as well as her life. They become low in morale and face several pressures from her home and society at large. Life comes to a standstill for them since they believe that they can no longer live a normal life. However, everything can’t be over when Sheroes Hangout Café is there! Sheroes Hangout Café in Lucknow (India) is helping acid attack survivors to lead a new life! This café is exclusively run by acid attack survivors!

Sheroes is located opposite to the famous Ambedkar Park and at present, this restaurant has developed a lot due to the dedication and hard work of all the employees. It has now turned into a hub of artistic activities such as discussions and book launches! Customers primarily come here to relax and have some dishes from their various exciting options! The menu is simply amazing to excite your taste buds! The décor is simple yet it creates awareness about acid attacks among the customers. About 8-10 women, who work here, have gained immense courage to let go of their painful and brutal past and stand on their feet! This couldn’t be possible without the consistent support of the State Women and Child Development Department.

They serve mouth-watering Indian, Chinese and continental cuisine along with various shakes and non-alcoholic beverages! The ambience is very cozy and comfortable and one of the best places to hangout with friends! The restaurant is quite spacious with a free parking lot as well. It is open daily from 10AM.

So, are you ready to visit this restaurant to meet these brave women and to taste the delicacies served by them? Also, the violence against women should be stopped because they deserve respect and equality like the other gender in the society. When people worship the goddesses during festivals, they should respect women in reality as well and not treat them as mere objects. Lastly, hats off to these women for showcasing their bravery in front of the entire world. We have a lot to learn from them!

~by  Sayantani Sengupta.


  1. men are too, victims of sexual harassment, rape, mental-physiological torture of woman. Addition to it, There isn't any sort of securities, law, etc. in the protection of men. Search for, crime rates committed by woman. As years going on, its tremendously growing. Also, isn't its woman's responsibility to raise, her child, to be a good person in the society, as per the Govt. of India thinks. (as, per the law only woman, single in particularly, can adopt a child, but, men don't). I'm neither taking/saying the favor of men and/or woman. I'm speaking about justice for the victims. Some of the main reasons are, lack of morals & discipline of the society, lack / not understanding the cultural heritage of India, lack and knowledge of respect, honor, duty, mercy, education, jobs, awareness, and a lot more to discuss.
    I have seen how a girls plays with few sincere boys heart, and that same goes for boys too. the stress between understanding pleasure, lust, devotion, love, scarifies, etc. has raised so much that most of young adults don't even try to understand. Also, almost entire population of India are middle & lower cast. In which teaching of good things and/or discussing situations, asking elder's suggestions, doesn't take place. Even in some cases, they even don't dare to ask.
    'A father worked as labor, day & night to just pay the fees for his daughter's higher education, but, the daughter committed suicide because her boyfriend breaks up with her.'
    'A sincere, honest, merit in academics guy, from lower middle class family, was studying engineering, a girl lures him, to fall for her to have some fun. She treated him miserably, later betrayed him. And, thing went to far that he suffered from desperation, still the girl played his heart, bulling him, sexually, mentally torched him, till his death. The guy wasn't aware of things are wrong. Even the law wasn't protected him.'

    1. Yes I agree but the ratio of men being harassed is much less as compared to women. I have just tried to showcase the need for equality in our society, which both the genders should be given. Being a girl, I can say that girls are still not treated equally. And my other aim was to highlight this unique restaurant and spread awareness. Dats it. :)
      Thank you for your views! I appreciate.

  2. Sayantani!! A long way to go!! God bless you babu


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