Unabashedly work on excelling


An important issue that I feel needs to be addressed at the moment is the race to perfection. In this modern age there are varied opportunities and millions in line to grab it. Everyone wants to be the best, superior to their counterparts, the most consequential in their field. Dreaming big is completely acceptable but letting that dream consume our livelihood is not worth it. One does not have to be the best to be successful, one just has to be doing well and content with their choice of work. One has to agree that life is unfair, we do not always get our share of appreciation but that should not demoralize the one who knows the true worth of their work. The passions have become a way of defeating others and not winning for self. Failure at any stage of attaining that dream causes immense dissatisfaction. When you fall to the knees, look within at the flickering hope. Hold it near your heart and feel the purpose. That purpose, those beats of the heart, only requires your inner success of overpowering your inhibitions. When a colleague prospers in work, it causes jealousy. But I shall say that if someone is doing well or for instance even better than you, does that in any manner undermine your position or merits. Comparison is the trouble here; we mindlessly compare ourselves with our associates. Situations from which each of us has risen are different and certainly cannot be measured on the same scale. One should simply concentrate on excelling, sharpening their skills and working on their individual dreams and passions without concern of what others pursue or achieve. Imagine a cricket field, which is a metaphor for life’s battle field, you are the batsman, there is no wicket, the balls you face are the opportunities. So in this game you miss some balls or opportunities and score well on others. But the most important aspect of this example is, that as there is no wicket, one cannot be out until you quit and leave the field. Similarly you can never be defeated until you accept it. The shackles are not of the world, it is of the mind. Freedom from the confine of the brain is the conquest. Unabashedly work on conquering self. Because the day you master yourself, triumphing the world will not be a concern.

By: Shivalika Singh


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