Mú ānāh Cliff

I'm bursting at the seams,
Implode this mournful skeleton of action

Scaling to a place I'm remiss about
Forsaking the crevice that I had long forgone

This toxic upheaval is raging through my bones,
Hellfire's not enough
Peel my nails off
Sanguine Solicitor

Hold the doors in,
Towards the brim of my skin
I am tirelessly aching
Spritzing through the ocean of your body
Is not enough...(oh oh oh)
Is not enough(...)

Machiavellian Illusionist
The stores of sin have opened

Shook Trees are in business
Amir the boy next door has an epiphany

His heart is bleeding like
The closet of pain in my chest
Hidden and lamented
As much as a flooding stream's distress

O' Teddy Picker
What plans do you have for that knitter
Standing in the hall stiff as a baseball hitter
Marooning down the shifty capers

Please let the laden lard
Descend down your face
Leaving your cheeks
In a warm embrace

Give up the Ghost of your past
Camping through an impasse

By: Prajesh Konchady


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