Where The Hearts Meet The Heaven : Part 2

Wings Of The Monsoon Hues

As the drops raced down to the
Bottom of the window pane,
I cheered for the one on the right
Near to the aluminium frame,
Ecstatic i was
When it disappeared first
Getting absorbed to the spongy parapet
Happy as a kid 
I flowed down my
Blue, green, yellow and blood boats
In the thin stream of tawny water ahead,
As they set a long journey from my gate
To low lands near the house
Of my tall dusky mate,
I jumped with laughter while
The heavy pellets with pace,
Made me feel
As if digging holes on my face,
While the dog jerked to dry
Under Mr Browns garage that was so bare,
I stood wondering about the beauty with a stare
My soul was painted through each column and row
As for my heart searched and got that perfect brainbow!!!


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