Zephyrtone: An Exclusive Interview

Inspired by current pop sounds, soft lyrics and lyric video, Zephyrtone recently released the video for their single, 'Only You' and have already garnered more than 3 million views. 

Zephyrtone stands out with their innate desire to deliver their very best at every show.

Sayan & Zephyr

Intervierwer: Wwould like to know how both of you came together.
Sayan: We are childhood friends and I came up with the idea, that we should form a duo. She was into Rock music, she was a vocalist and a drummer. So I introduced her to EDM and we started collaborating on songs.

I: And you are from?
Sayan: I am from Kolkata itself. I have a house in Dum-Dum but we never stay there as my dad keeps shifting.

I: So your name is Zephyr and his name is Shayan so how did you come about the name Zephyrtone?
Zephyr: So everyone thinks I am the witch and forced to keep my name but it is nothing like that. So you may ask the question to him, pass it on.
Sayan: Zephyr, the name is cool; it is related to our kind of music. Zephyr means-
Zephyr: Zephyr means a cool breeze near the sea shore during the sunset-
Sayan: And if you listen to any of our original tracks, the name goes with our music-
Zephyr: Our recent album was In Stars.

I: So, how do you plan on proceeding from here?
S: We actually want to-
Z: We really want to be independent artists.
S: Yes...
Z: We don’t crave for Record Labels to sign us. Nothing like that, we want our music to reach to everyone and not just a targeted portion.
S: Our music is free so most of the people listen to it.

ISo you want the whole mass to listen to you?
Z: Yes, I don’t want just a small community of people, listening to the same genre. Only some like it, I want the entire well world-

I: Well you are pretty famous all around in India. You have been performing in Bengaluru and also in IIT Kharagpur-
Z: Thank you so much. Yes we were also in Spring Fest.

I: When you started in 2015 were there any difficulties you faced?
Z: 2015! That whole year was filled with doubts-

I: Most of your songs have come out in 2016
Z: 2015, I won’t call it a warm up because we were struggling out in the music scene in India. I’m very happy that we have been growing here in the music scene. We were struggling the whole year and we weren’t quite sure we were going to grow anywhere. So, right now, by the grace of God, we are so happy. People like us; they are especially appreciating our music. That is why the most important thing is that we feel energized in every way.

I: The most energetic duo in India; as you are called, what is your inspiration? What inspires you?
Z: Our inspiration?
S: We are inspired by Martin Garixx, I follow him,
Z: Yes we follow him; he is the youngest and the most energetic out there-
S: And he keeps releasing new songs-
Z: Yes he is consistent in his music so we try to follow his footsteps.

I: I asked you about your downs, but as you grow what are the ups that you have faced? Some beautiful moments you would like to share?
S: Like in 2016 January our management, WMS signed us-
Z: And it was so unexpected, we didn’t expect it. And the management is so important for an artist-
S: They have been so supportive. After that-
Z: That was the happiest moment. Afterwards there was a break.

I: How have you liked your management?
S: Our management has been proper, whatever we do, our music, our styling. It’s done by them. They take care of everything.

I: Tell us more about your projects? 
Z: We are experimenting with new sounds and different music. 
S: It was our first time doing that

I: Is it in EDM?
Z: Yes, it’s related to Electronic-
S: It’s Electronica actually.

I: So there are many teams in India trying to be D.J.
Z: Let me tell you, DJing is the new Engineering in India. 
S: Ah yes, there are many DJ’s but only few have the real passion to be one.
Z: They don’t understand what we do through. We feel not more of other’s music but create our own music and be consistent every time.

I: Is there any advice you would like to give new artists, the youth of India?
Z: Don’t just make a music you that hear with your naked ears.
S: Don’t copy the same music. As an artist you should create something new. 😉

Interviewed By:
Anuvab Kayaal
Shayan Sachin Basu 

Edited By: 
Sheetal Tulshian


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