5 ‘desi’ YouTube videos you should definitely watch

There are lots of epic videos out there on the Internet which are enough to make your day. We present you 5 YouTube videos that you should definitely watch. Trust us, you are going to love them. 

1)The Viva by Sabarish Kandregula:

VIVA! Sounds scary? Isn’t it? We all are scared of viva and the externals who take them. The externals ask questions in their style and we, students, answer in our style. Watch this video and find out for yourself how ‘innovative’ a viva can go. The audio is in Telugu, so do not forget to turn on the English subtitle. Kudos to Harsha Chemudu, Sabarish and Shanmukh Kandregula and others!

2)Alien Chutney-TADKA by Vir Das:

We all know Vir Das as a Bollywood actor. But did you know that he is also a stand-up comedian as well as a singer? With TADKA, Vir Das takes the concept of ‘double meaning’ to a whole new level. You might turn ‘vegetarian’ after watching this video.

3)Permanent Roommates by The Viral Fever:

This is the story of a couple, who were in long distance relationship for 3 years, now face the prospect of getting married. Permanent Roommates is a mini TV series and only the first season is out which comprises of 5 episodes. There is comedy, emotion, sarcasm and all sort of masala that you expect from a Bollywood movie. A MUST WATCH!!! 

Episode 1: 
Episode 2: 

Episode 3: 

Episode 4: 

Episode 5: 

4)All of Hoezaay's Misheard Lyric Vids by Jose Covaco:
Yeah! You guessed it right. We call come across such songs every now and then. Check out this awesome compilation of few misheard lyrics. Do not blame us if you die laughing :P .

5)MOST EXERCISE EVER – Prem Aggan Review by Kanan Gill:

Just one word – Hilarious! A question for the lead actor of this movie : Fardeen Khan – What were you thinking when you decided to take up acting as a career? 
This is one of the best pretentious movie review that you will come across. Great job, Kanan Gill and Kalyan Rath.



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