5 Words You Should Never Use In A Job Interview!!(must-read)

Going for a job interview? Nervous? Do not worry. We have one little secret mantra for you. We present you 5 words you should never use in a job interview. Do give it a read and you might be able to crack the next job interview that you appear. 
 1. Um - People can never stop saying this word! You will be surprised if you find out the number of times you 'um' during a casual conversation, especially with friends. Do not do the same in a job interview!

Using 'um' shows that you lack refinement. In a job interview, all your words should be polished. And 'um' is definitely not one of them. Try to get rid of it as soon as possible.

2. Kinda - That's so a teenage word! Using it might sound cool, but in reality, its not. It shows that your answers are unclear and vague, which is a negative aspect in an interview. Bring firmness in you and your answers.

3. Whatever - One word to show that you have given up and you no more care. It also shows that you are uninterested. That's definitely not an attitude which is appreciated by an interviewer. Where did your 'Never Give Up' spirit vanish ?

4. Stuff - Another unpolished word. It shows ambiguity in your thought process. You should be clear and thorough about each and every word you speak.

5. Basically - Just cut to the chase. This word diminishes your act or at least makes it look so. Be frank and be straight forward. Do not waste time on such preludes. By using basically, you're trying to beat around the bush. Not everyone has the time or patience.
Strictly avoid using filler words like um, uh, er, ah. Fillers are just meaningless words that mark a pause or hesitation in speech. They are used to fill the conversation, at the expense of the person's confidence. They give an impression that your thought process is not clear.


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