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One Last Breath: Part I

Last Word:
He pulled the trigger 
And the bullet ripped her apart, 
She was shot by someone 
Who was very close to her heart. 

He dropped the gun,
To her he ran, 
And her last words were,
"I love you, Dan." 

Last Cry:
Dan forgot everything
And rushed her to the hospital,
He can't stop feeling guilty, 
Couldn't stop being cynical.

He thought of his once ebullient wife, 
Whom, after marriage, he'd broken apart, 
Threw chairs at her and hurled insults, 
And damaged someone close to his heart.

He broke down completely, 
Thinking his wife could possibly die, 
He just couldn't think anymore, 
And that was the last time he cried

Last Kiss:

He remembered how scared she was of him, 
Though he loved calling her miss,
She remembered how she felt betrayed, 
After she saw him with someone named Trish. 

She didn't know that he liked someone else, 
And with her, Dan was in the state of bliss. 
She thought of him at the wedding day, 
Where he gave her one last kiss. 

Last Trip:

Deborah didn't stop loving Dan, 
Although he was having an affair, 
But then was utterly shocked, 
Seeing him with someone else named Claire. 

He remembered how they'd gone on a trip, 
The last trip that they'd gone for, 
They'd gone to Miami, where he belonged, 
And forever their sanity had gone ashore. 

Last hug: 

One day , in their new home, 
He'd gone drunk and couldn't be sober, 
He was throwing up everywhere, 
Thinking he wasn't perfect for her. 

She picked him up, while he was sitting,
She was asking him what's wrong, 
He told her that his life was ruined, 
He was fired  for standing up to his boss for long. 

She decided to try making him forget
His sadness by hugging him one last time
At that moment, he pushed her away, 
As if she'd committed a crime. 

Last Moon:

He pulled her by her collar,
And slapped her hard,twice..
It gave him the false satisfaction, 
That hitting his wife would suffice. 

He'd held his anger within himself, 
His head started feeling dizzy, 
Although, it gave him false relief, 
By putting her in abject misery. 

He became the dominant one at home, 
And made her more submissive, 
The last moon's seen with her pretty eyes, 
'Cause after that, it'd become hard to live. 

Part II is coming up soon!


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