The Spring

The waves have slept.

The time has stopped.

It feels like Spring all over again. The cool breeze doesn't fail to draw a smile on my face. The music flowing through my earphone keeps me shaking my head.

The world seems so beautiful. I have never seen anything greener than the grass beneath my feet. Hopefully,  someday I will be able to set my naked feet on these grass. They seem a little wet now. Maybe its the dew from the last night..

Do you remember those times when we used to lie down on the grass for hours and keep looking at the night sky? You would start counting the stars and never stop until I kissed you!

I liked keeping my head on your shoulder and sleeping next to you while you wrapped your arms around me. It was so warm and I felt so safe.

I saw the DVD which you sent me. Our favourite movie!

I miss you. I miss us. Please carry me home with you. I no longer want to sit on this wheelchair. It is so ugly.

Everybody here is saying that I am mad. I am not mad! You believe me na? I know you do. Please take me home with you. I promise to be a good wife.

I know, someday, you will reply to all my letters at once. Nine years isn't a long time..

I Love You!


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