"Nayi Shuruvat" by Highway Jammers : Album Launch

As the soft shining sun was setting at the horizon, the drizzles added spark to the evening when they started playing few raw notes on their guitar that left the audience spellbound.
Sarthak Mohapatra, a captivating vocalist along with Parijat Mishra with his magical strings, Sarthak Singhdeo giving in the tune from his bass while Anindya Shankar played his fingers beautifully across the keyboard and Sourabh Tripathi completing the whole mesmerising impact of the band.

September 9, was the day exactly five years back when these cabbalistic guys began their journey together.
A band that was marked rare by playing acoustic and alternate rock music, creating own versions of the popular English and Hindi songs has Indian classical music as the sole interest and origination of their tunes and this is indeed an incredible fact about them.
Muse, Coldplay, Shankar Mahadevan, U2 and Beatles are the big sensations of the music world that the band follows.

The moment Sarthak goes up on his high notes along with Parijat playing his guitar in an unusual way, we bet you will get goosebumps all over while the adrenaline rushes from your tips to the toes.
While Sourabh flaunts his skills with his sticks on the drums, Singhdeo plays his bass in the tough solid and vintage manner where Anindya hypnotizes with his keyboard notes, we assure you of getting lost in those enthralling tin-Tim-tams made by these pied pipers.
The music launch “Nayi Shuruvat” took place last weekend and was a masterpiece in itself that was witnessed by a huge gathering present to encourage and get devoted to such talents in the city.
These stars launched four of their songs “Nayi Shuruvat”, “Ghar Aa Jaa” ,”Adhir Malhar” and “Baarish Mein” which have got such lyrics that will completely treat your soul and purify your thoughts while its lyrics will make you relate well.
The band previously had its super hit tracks “Sapne” and “Oonchi Dewar” revealed, having them gain a huge amount of appraisal and fan following.
This pretty magical troop of humble kings is successfully ruling the throne of being the best in alternative rock and music world.

We guarantee you that their music will always leave in need of more.
We are waiting for their next rare master stroke to be launched soon.
We wish to get more from their brilliant palette having gripping and fascinating tunes and notes in store.
Strike it rich Jammers, go hit the jackpot!!

1. DOWNLOAD the album through Google Drive for free - https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=0BxLSqTWecQ06UVktWWE4MnNjR2M

2. STREAM all four tracks through this Soundcloud playlist - https://soundcloud.com/highwayjammers/sets/nayi-shuruvat-free-album

Enjoy the music, spread the word, and let us know what you think of it!


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