Open thy mind, walk alone
      We are not afraid, walk alone

this must be the anthem song for our society. now days people are so busy with their own lives that they do not have time to think for others. but in the midst of all these things there are some NGOs to help the poor people and to show them the right way way of the life. Adarsh foundation and Saujatya are the two foundation who has taken initiative to kindle the light in the lives of poor.

                  'Adarsh' IS A non governmental organization based in Mumbai and Kolkata , India that aims to promote the overall progress and development of the people belonging to weaker sections of society, through it services, conduct and initiatives, so as to further encourage a sustained growth of the society. like 'Adarsh' a group of benevolent of Asutosh colony and Sahidnagar coloni are established 'SAUJATYA' for the people of the locality on the 1st day of April 1972. the managing committee of 'SAUJATYA' has started five units like cultural units,drama units, medical unit, relief unit, sports unit to encourage the poor people.

                    we say that 'A friend is need a friend in deed"- following this rule of the society a large number of young members of adarsh foundation reached in the NGO of Asutosh colony to spend to spend time with the members of Saujatya on 15th Nov 2015. they had organized some sports events, medical camp,cultural programme for the kids as well as for the women also. all the participants of 'SAUJATYA' were divided in four groups-A,B,C,D and a female group also. group A contains 20 people and their age limit was 6-10 years, group B contains 15  people, their age limit was 10-13 years, and group C contains 30 people and their age limit was 13-16 years.

                     each group were participated in two events like hit the stamp and kick the ball in the goal. Haari vanga was organized only for the female contestant. one of the little member of Saujatya said that they were very happy to participate in these events and they would love to spent time with 'Adarsh' again. At last prizes were distributed by the president and teachers of Saujatya and also some members of 'Adarsh Foundation'.

                   at the end of the sports event each and every member of Saujatya got free medical check up and they also enjoyed the performance of a Band. we hope that all the members of our society should contribute some for those underprivileged child which can make them happy.
~Sreejayee Das
Photos Provided by Adarsh Foundation, Kolkata.


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