" Pyaar Ka Punchnama"

The new box office blockbuster with the punchline 'causing break ups worldwide ' !

     This is that type  of a movie which makes every women feel like a criminal for being a women in the first place and that also without any inexplicable reason . But give me one good reason why girls are misunderstood  ?

        Is it really our problem that the three men g
Gogo , Siddhart and Tarun have terrible taste in women ?
Or that they are so dumb that they are consistently and willingly manipulated and made fools of by the women they fall in love with? 

    Which guy in reality actually takes his gfs best friends out for a pedicure ? And which boy friend will go out for husband hunting with his gf ? This scenes just made me feel like telling one thing to the director  
" CHAL JHUTE "   !   :-P

    Now coming to Gogo 's famous speech which made even deaf guys go Lol and was accompanied by hi fives in the movie hall .
Point 1 - acha so when he mentioned the titanic thing why was there no mentioned of the fact that rose in the first place risked her life only to save him when she could have easily left the ship and be safe with her family ?  

Point 2 - we make boy friends  because we need a body guard, cook, Atm right?  what did gogo say before leaving for Krabi " bhai meri gf to waise hi amir khandan sae hae " !

Point 3 - We girls like talking after sex but what about the fact that the guys talk with us for hours before sex just to awe us ?

           I do agree the three girls in the movie are a disaster and irritating but it is just not right to categorise all the women worldwide it really doesn't make any sense . All the men around can't be rapist in the same way all the women around can't be Nyaka, Gold Diggers,  and cheaters !
        In the last seen all the three heartbroken guys called their mothers for comfort who again are         
 ' WOMEN ' and not their dads ! This itself says a lot :-)
           Oh one last thing Mr. Director you owe us an apology kintu ...... Acha leave you are forgiven but you surely owe us girls Rs 250 for the three unrealistic hours XD



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