Nakash Aziz ~ The Rising Sensation in Bollywood Music Industry

Nakash Aziz: I am not from Planet Earth

Meet Nakash Aziz, the rising sensation in Bollywood music industry, the voice behind the hits like  'Pungi' from Agent Vinod, 'Second Hand Jawani' from Cocktail, 'Gandi Baat' from R...Rajkumar, 'Selfie le le re' from Bajrangi Bhaijaan and the latest hit 'Jabra Fan' from FAN. Not only a singer, Nakash is also a music composer.

iYouthmag gets to interview the multi-talented and extremely funny singer Nakash Aziz.

Q. Tell us about your childhood.

A. So basically from where I come from the place is called "Rhooda". Rhooda is basically a Planet in the "Andromeeda" Galaxy and I am an "Alien". So I am not from Planet Earth. I came here when I was I think  "One Zear" old. We call it Zear in our Planet. Then I came to this Planet and my "Foster Parents" took care of me. And in my Planet everybody sings. (pause). This is interesting no, this story would have been so cool (laughs). So I am from Mangalore and I have been singing as a kid. Like when I was born, I was like 'yaaaah' (in a musical tone).

Q. Tell us about your Struggle Period.

A. So when I was a baby, I really struggled to walk. I used to crawl on my four. Toh tab se struggle chalu hai (So struggle started since then). It's still on... We will continuously be struggling but you know to give that word "Struggle", I don't like that word that much. So yeah, we always learn. I am still learning and it has been a very fun process whatever I have done in my life, whatever God has given me. I think I am very blessed to have whatever I have, to meet the people I have met. Everybody who came in my life has played an important role in shaping my personality and shaping my talent. So yeah, God has been kind but no struggle.

Q. How was your experience working with Pritam and A R Rahman?

A. Pathetic actually (laughs). They are amazing. Pritam da is a mentor and Rahman Sir is my idol. I have always learned from them that let your work do the talking and you have to be very humble, grounded down to Earth (in a funny voice). Yeah simple... Long hair, all these things are learned from them.

Q. We all know you are a part of Hollywood as well. So how is Hollywood according to you?

A. (Laughs)... Same but you know what I did for Hollywood is for Rahman Sir's Film. It was called 'The Hundred-Foot Journey' and I sang a song in that. It was produced by Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey. So it was quite exciting. And Steven knows me now (Laughs).

Q.Just for Fun, Hollywood or Bollywood?

A. The World is my playground. So why would I want to limit myself in one thing.

Q. As you are in Calcutta right now, so have you tried Bengali Food?

A. Yes of course. I tried a 'Macher Jhol' but I don't eat fish. Then 'Mutton Kosha', Biriyani from Arsalan and from Armenia, sorry Aminia and Rasgulla of course (laughs). I think Rasgulla should be hung in Airports and whoever comes they have to gulp it.

Q. Suppose you're given a day off from your busy schedules, how would your day be like?

A. Ummmm, I will sleep most of the day. I will watch TV. Then in the evening I will step out and chill with friends. Simple.

Q. Tell us about your  upcoming projects.

A. My upcoming projects, yeah I Don't Know. I never knew my upcoming projects to be very honest. The thing is if I do some work and I wait for it, then I will worry about it. So I just don't keep Track of it.

Q. Last of all, some words for  our readers and aspiring singers who wants to follow your foot steps.

A. Don't follow my foot steps. Just be yourself, be original, be honest to your work and be natural.



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