SHAMEFUL!!! Dum Dum Park Bharat Chakra Club

Today me and my friends went to Dum Dum Park Bharat Chakra Club for pandal hopping. After visiting Tarun Dal and another Puja we went towards Bharat Chakra Club. As we had Vip Passes and also our Press Cards we went through the Vip Lane which was already filled up. The Vip Lane & the General Lane was side by side. We crossed the barricade as there was a small puddle which was created most probably by the rainfall in the morning. So we just crossed the barricade for avoiding the puddle. The General Lane was empty so we crossed and when we again crossed to the Vip Lane, a Volunteer named Joyjeet Das started to abuse us just for crossing the barricade and he started talking to my female friend with his fingers pointed towards her and in an abusive and disrespectful manner, when I told the person to put down his finger and lower down his voice he called in his other Co-Volunteers and started abusing us both. We tried to solve the problem by talking but they started to raise their voice, we also felt like they were drunk and some of them were tripping and they smelled. Then they started to pull me out by holding my arm as they were determined to beat me up. We still were trying to sort this out by talking but they seemed to be in a bit hurry to raise their hands for just crossing the barricade. When we told them we are Members of Press, they threatened us by saying that they give a shit about Press and Police. They even told me that they wont let me leave the Puja Pandal in one piece. Later we also came to know that there was another this kind of incident before us.

Bharat Chakra Club is a renouned and infamous Puja Pandal of the town, but we didn't expect this kind of behavior from them, this is really shocking to us all.

By- Shayan Sachin Basu


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