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Summer is around the corner and as we know, India being a tropical country with dry summers, skin care and healthy lifestyle is quiet important. Today, when most of the females are working, they need to go out in the hot weather and hence exposing their skin to the direct rays of the sun. Coupled with dust, pollution, and sweat, summer becomes a trying time for the skin. The oily skin suffers the most in this season while the dry skin gets patchy. So, it is necessary to take a good care of both the skin and as well as of the health in the prickly summer days which lasts for several months.


Keeping in mind, the severe heat and the loss of water from the body due to sweat, one need to keep oneself hydrated time to time. Not only drinking of lots of water will help, but it will be more benefitted if one can add some salt, sugar and may be a bit of lemon with the water. Carry a bottle of water whenever you move out of the house.


One should have lots of green vegetables and fruits in order to have healthy skin and as well as to be fit in summer. Fruits can be replaced by fresh homemade fruit juices but if someone is calorie conscious, it is advised to consume the fruits rather than fruit juices.  The best thing to drink in this season is the coconut water. It not only nourishes the skin from inside but also keeps the body cool.


Avoid all kinds of fried and spicy foods during summer and have as simple and plain foods without spices as possible. It becomes difficult to digest spiced foods in summer and hence opt for fresh simple meals. Have more of salads and yoghurts in this weather to keep yourself healthy.

However, proper diet and gallons of water intake are not only the keys to healthy lifestyle in summer. There are several other things which we should keep in mind as well and follow accordingly.


 One of the most essential thing which every single person needs in summer is the sun screen lotion or gel. Never step out of your house especially in these months of the year without sun screen. Go for a high SPF sunscreen of 30 and more.


Switch to cotton wears in summers. Also go for light coloured clothes as it absorbs less heat. Go for floral cotton dresses and denim shorts pairing up with light coloured t shirts.


Along with the sunscreen, the other one which one should never forget to carry in the summer is an umbrella. Cover yourself up as possible. Wear protective clothing over the skin and use a cotton dupatta to cover your face in case you step out in the hot afternoon. Also, use sunglasses to protect your eyes.

Summers in the recent times, take a toll on the skin due to the drastic change in temperature and pollution, but it can be enjoyable if one follows a proper regime to beat the heat. It is difficult to cop up with the strict skin care and healthy routine to keep up with the hot weather but it is important to take care of one.

                          AMRITA GUHA


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