10 Apps All Food Lovers Should Know About

10 Apps All Food Lovers Should Know About

Yummly is a recipe discovery app that contains beautiful pictures with recipes from around the web. One can filter recipes by the ingredients they have in store and create different recipe boxes. They can also build their shopping lists for the week based on the recipes they choose.

This app lets you save bars and restaurants that you want to try to your phone and maps their locations. So the next time when you’re out looking for a place to eat, you can find all the places you wanted to remember in one place.

Open Table
This app is best in the slot as it helps you to make reservations in your most favourite restaurants. Browse restaurants in your city, select the date, time, and number in your party and your reservation will be done in no time.

Taste Made
Tastemade is a great app for the foodies who love to travel around the globe. Through a strong network of “Tastemakers” in 22 cities around the world, Tastemade offers you the platform to showcase short videos about the coolest food hubs you have visited in the course of your journey. You can also use the app to make your own videos during your food tour and create lists of the places you have visited and the ones still in your wishlist.

Human eating project
This app is a blessing for the people who wants to have animal-friendly dining experience. The app marks the restaurants that are especially vegan or vegetarian – friendly with a green marker and restaurants with humanely-raised meats with a brown marker.

This cool app enables you to use your phones camera to scan products at the grocery store and find out if it’s a healthy choice or not. This app assigns a grade to each product based on its nutritional value. It also shows you the ingredients actually present in your food and even recommends alternative options.

This app is a must for all the wine lovers. You can use your phones camera to research on wines while you are at the grocery store. All you have to do is take a picture of the label and Vivino will return a list of customer reviews and the average price of the bottle. It also gives you the option to create your own profile and save wines you want to try later and add reviews of your own.

Foodspotting is an app that puts smartphone snack snaps to good use. Rather than rating the restaurant as a whole you can rate the dishes individually and can even upload images to give a peek into what’s on offer in your locality. It is the easiest way to find the perfect dish you’re after in no time.

It is a great new app that lets you link coupons to your grocery store’s rewards card. All you have to do is register your rewards card with your account, then use the app to browse for coupons. The coupons will be added to your card and applied automatically.

This app is the best thing for party lovers. You can tell the app which ingredients you have on hand, and it will create a list of drinks you can make with them.

By : Elisa Gupta


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