Boom Clap II by All in one entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Boom Clap II was a very successful event. UG reincarnated graciously hosted the event on 14th of May, 2017. The crowd came thronging in the house slightly after 9 and as soon as DJ Audiovtar came into the party everyone got into the party mood. Audiovtar admitted Boom Clap II to be a more successful than its previous edition.

The city danced in the tunes of some of the renowned DJs of the town. The event saw an increase in the footfall compared to Boom Clap 1 with DJ Audiovtar, DJ Khyati & DJ Manish also supported by DJ Tishya & DJ Joy in the house.

In a small conversation with our correspondent Dj Manish Patwa, and others told us their stories.

Manish started his musical journey around 5 years back and he loves to play "Psycho Delic Trance Music". Dj Khyati Roy & Audioavtar are his close friends and he is thankful to them for being more like a family to him.

On the other hand Dj Khyati Roy started off her journey 3 years back on 24th Dec, 2013. Though she started off as an anchor but slowly she progressed to be a well known Dj of the Industry. When asked a word about her the crowd claims her to be 'Just Amazing! " Her only moto is to make people feel good.

Lastly, Dj Tishya who is a veteran in the music scene of Calcutta, stated that she started her journey around 7 years back and she loved the crowd. She was also there in the first edition.
She is a well known face as she has played in most of the Clubs in and around Calcutta and all over India too. 

The crowd went berserk over some of the party hits and Bollywood hits. This Sunday night was in turn an allover success for All in one entertainment Pvt Ltd.

Thanks to the organizers & everyone who made the event possible with all their efforts. It can be rightly said that the event was worth it.

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Reported by Sagar Gupta & Shayan Sachin Basu


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