MUSIC---what does this word remind you of? Maybe a melodious and soothing tune on your hectic days or a particular song which had turned your special events into memorable ones, isn’t it? Music also plays a very important role since it is associated with many religious rituals, ceremonies, social activities and functions! Music is a source of entertainment and it can heal many physical and emotional problems of people. When we travel alone, music becomes our only companion…music becomes our constant support to kill boredom!

Now let us see how effective music is to cure certain serious problems!

INFANT DEVELOPMENT: There are several evidences that music played to the womb during late pregnancy may lead to children being more responsive to music after birth. They may also have reduced heart rate and a deeper sleep after therapy.

MUSIC THERAPY TO HEAL INSOMNIA: We all know that proper sleep is needed every day in order to keep ourselves healthy. Sleep is the ultimate and the best medicine to any illness or problems. But sometimes we have difficulty in falling asleep and that is known as Insomnia. Long-term insomnia can cause an individual to feel tired, depressed and irritable. However, there is a solution to this and that is music! Music may result in significantly better sleep quality as well as longer sound sleep duration. This helps us to stay fresh and energetic althroughout the day!

DEPRESSION: Nowadays, teenagers and adults suffer from depression due to various reasons. The primordial reason can be our fast life which doesn’t let us interact with our dear ones much, thus, we don’t have anyone to share our sadness and problems with. Depression is considered to be a mood disorder which affects an individual’s eating and sleeping styles. Music, here, work as an antidepressant. Music therapy may lead to reduced heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure and depressed mood.

Many doctors and psychiatrists consult their patients to choose music of their choice to induce sleep or listen to peppy numbers to motivate them to exercise! There are many success stories of this therapy as well like an alcohol addict was able to reduce alcohol craving by pursuing his singing hobby when the cravings were excessive! Over a period of time, he completely stopped drinking and instead trained himself to pursue his dream in the field of music! Many doctors have observed that children with behavioral and emotional problems had significantly improved their self-esteem after music therapy. Music therapy is now becoming an important concept in the healthcare system. The day is not far when professional music therapists become full-timers at hospitals, what do you think?

When music can heal us, we should reduce the intake of medicines for these problems because medicines have a side-effect. Music is a natural way to make ourselves calm and attain peace of mind! So, sit back, relax and listen to your favorite tunes!! 


  1. So true babu!!
    Music er moto valo medicine hoyei na.. Keeps u in a world devoid of complications.. Makes your inner self happy..
    I can relate much to your writing!!
    Keep it up bon!! Much love


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