Where The Hearts Meet The Heaven : Part 3

Winter Chimes All Over

Curling up inside the purple blanket

Just like a cute tiny maroon centipede

Melancholic drips were rushing in

My cosy comfy mind at god speed.

I wondered what gum it was

That shut my left eye

Which i could hardly open wide

Amorphous powder of my dead scale,

At the tips

Of my tightened lips,

Made it look so white and pale.

Bumps all over as i stepped down,

With my foot

Ransacking for the fur carpet that was brown.

As I walked up to the glass window,

Which turned translucent

With my warm breathe blow

And there i made tiny hearts and smileys

Which made the temperature grow more low

As the fireplace in the corner

Made my dull faced spirit glow.

I watched the golden fluffy kitten jump to the shelves

And talk to the finch near the door,

As the flakes of snow bent down to bow,

Kisses from heaven were bestowed,

And when i heard the jingles of bells

Along with the soulful Christmas carols

It just made me remember

That how near was our dear

Dreamy December!!!


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