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Hello guys. Hope all of you are doing great!
This article is specially for all the fabulous girls out there.
Flat abs are something which every girls desire. Every girl wants to put on their favourite crop top or their favourite bodycons but cannot wear it because of their bulgy tummy. But no worries girls. Get set and make yourself ready to shed those fat and get those frames.
Here are few ways to get those flat abs :
1. First and foremost, the most important thing is following a proper diet. A body’s shape and fitness level is 60% based on diet and 40% on workout. Cut down on all those fries, fats and sugar. Go for proteins, vitamins, fibre and low carbs. Eat a lot of boiled veggies and chicken. Drink green tea as it acts as an anti oxidant and helps curb cravings. One can find innumerable easy going diet charts online to follow for getting those frames. Here is a link for you guys and hope it will help you up.

2. Say NO to alcohol. Those calories in alcohol are enemies to your flat abs. Instead go for fruit juice, Gatorade, protein shakes which will enhance your muscles and help you cut down those fat.

3. Avoid constipation. Constipation distends your belly. Make sure you eat proper dinner. As the saying goes eat your dinner like a pauper. Eat light so that your bowel movement remains smooth and you do not get constipated.

4. Drink enough water to flush out all those toxins from your body.

5. Last but not the least exercise. Yes, it is tough but do it. But it is not necessary for you to join a gym to get your abs flat. You can exercise at home. Here are a list of exercise you can do to get those tummies flat.

a.   a. Do sprinting. Sprinting is basically getting your heartbeat high, then get it low and again push it higher. Select a certain distance and mark 2 points A and B. Stand in A and run to B. Then walk back from B to A. While running increases your heartbeat, walking lowers it. Do 5 to 6 sets and every time you run make sure your speed keeps increasing. This burns a lot of fats.

b. Crunch. Lay flat on your back. Fold your legs like an inverted V. Put your hands above your head. Raise your upper body and then lower it back. This will crunch your stomach and activate your abdominal muscles

c. Plank. Lay flat on your stomach. Now raise your body with the help of your elbows and toes. Your body weight should be evenly distributed to the 4 four points of your body, i.e, your shoulders and legs. Your shoulder, hips and legs should form a flat surface and body should be parallel to the floor. Tighten your shoulder, hips and legs. Hold your pelvic by tightening and holding your abs. Your core muscles will start working. You can do variations by doing push up planks or side plank or mobilizing plank.


a.     d. Leg raise. Leg raises helps shape your lower abs and strengthens core. Lay flat on your back. Raise your legs till your body forms a 60 degree and then lower it. Repeat. While doing leg raises make sure your shoulders are tight and your upper body is stable. You can do variations like hanging leg raises, cycle leg raise, V up hold etc.

e. Russian twists. Lay on the floor. Raise your upper body to create a 60 degree angles. Fold your legs like an inverted V. Mark the two sides beside you as A and B. Now twist your belly from A to B and B to A. While twisting keep your core tight and back straight and not arched or hunched.

Hope these few tips and exercises help you guys and may you all get the best of results. But yes you need to be patient and endure all those pain as the saying goes “no pain, no gain”.

~ Olina Chakraborty.


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